Adobe Inc. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in California, USA. Adobe offers a suite of applications for creatives. Adobe-XD is one of them. Adobe-XD is a UI/UX design tool that’s utilized to create designs for web, apps, games, and branding.

Webflow is an American SaaS company that was founded in 2013. Webflow has engineered a No-Code website development application, that’s technically more advanced than Wix or SquareSpace. The Webflow Designer auto-generates clean, semantic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the background, as web developers build websites visually.

Design in XD. Develop in Webflow.

Webflow Blog has an article called From Adobe XD to Webflow: how to turn your prototypes into live websites. This article presents 5 steps on migrating a design from XD to Webflow.

Finsweet is an expert in transforming a mockup from XD to a website in Webflow that’s organized, marketer-friendly, and scalable. We implement Client-first style system, an industry leading naming convention, in all our Webflow builds.

Design in Adobe XD. Develop in Webflow.

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