Finsweet Cookie Consent is GDPR compliant, completely free, easy to implement, and 100% Webflow designer friendly.

There are 4 different types of cookie options you can implement:
  • Informational cookie message: As the name suggests, it’s a type of cookie compliance that informs users that cookies will be used on the website. The user does not have the option to accept or deny the cookies. The user only has the option to close the cookie banner.
  • Opt-out of cookies: It’s a type of cookie compliance that loads cookies by default on the user's first visit to the website. The user then has the option to continue browsing the website with the cookies or deny cookies.
  • Opt-in to cookies: It’s a type of cookie compliance that requires the user to specifically accept the use of cookies on the site before we deploy the cookies. There are no cookies activated until the user "Accepts".  This option is the highest level of compliance.
  • Preference Manager: It’s an add-on to options 2 & 3. It allows user to opt in/out of certain types of cookies, such as marketing and personalization.

Finsweet Cookie Consent is built with custom attributes. So you don’t need to modify JavaScript when implementing Cookie Consent, just copy-paste the scripts, or clone components. We’ve built a free Webflow cloneable with 4 versions just for you. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even build your own script with Cookie Oven - a no-code script attribute builder.

We’ve also got video tutorials, written educational content, and a livestream discussion to help you understand and become a pro at implementing Cookie Consent on Webflow.

If you’re ever stuck implementing, don’t worry. We’ve built a debug tool to help you see Cookie Consent working (or not working) in real-time as you test. You’ll get alerts if there are errors in your setup or missed attributes on elements.

Finsweet Cookie Consent plugin

Become an expert implementing Cookie Consent, look like a Pro with your leads, and get that sale!

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