Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides analytical tools and statistics for SEO and marketing. In a more simpler term, GA4 helps analyze the traffic on your website.

Google Analytics enables you to:

  • understand your website’s performance in terms of content, products, ad-spend.
  • access Google’s insights to use the data to its best potential.
  • deliver business results with Google’s advertising and publisher products.

So, why is it important to use Google Analytics?

Your website is the center of your business's digital presence. Hence, it is the best place to give you an overview of the effectiveness of all your Ads and Marketing campaigns that promote your products or services online.

How does Google Analytics work?

GA4 requires you to insert some lines of code in the website. This code tracks & records different activities of web users that visit your website, along with their information, such as gender, geography, and lots more. This data is then sent to Google Analytics, where it can be accessed by you.

Features that Google Analytics excels at:

  • Shows real-time count of users that are on your website. It helps keep track of the success of a campaign or link-share.
  • Shows the devices used when web users access the website. It helps in improving device-specific UX, responsiveness, and accessibility.
  • Presents areas, cities, and countries of the web visitor’s location. It helps understand where in the world your biggest audience exists.
  • Learn about the interests of your audience.
  • Track performance of your Ad and marketing campaigns. It helps understand the ROI of your Ad and marketing spend.
  • Track how users navigate the website & which pages are popular. It helps perform A/B testing.
  • Learn which channels bring the most traffic to your website. It helps in improving collaboration and marketing.

Check this article for more information.

If you’d like to setup Google Analytics, then have a look at the walk-through on How to add Google Analytics to your Webflow website?

Google Analytics

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