What is GTM?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a Tag Management System (TMS). TMS helps in managing the lifecycle of digital marketing tags. It is used to track the activity of websites, mobile apps, and video content. Hence, GTM enables you to quickly update related code and measurement code fragments - known as tags on the mobile app or a website.

Google Tag Manager gives you the ability to update and add tags on your website for website analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing. It ensures that the tags are running smoothly and that data is collected in a reliable manner. You can also add or change tags based on the users’ cookie consent decisions.

So, what exactly are tags?

A tag is an attribute that is connected to a group of content. Tags are used to describe the content that they represent such as Alt text on images. Tags help web users to locate curated content and view pages with relevant topics at a glance via Google’s featured snippets. We can use tags to categorize content and help web users to find content that is specific to their search.

Why are tags important?

  • They help improve user experience via easy site navigation to the target information.
  • Tags pull curated content based on the niche or the keywords selected. Therefore, streamlining the content as per the requirements of the search.
  • The canonical tag, aka “rel canonical” tells the search engines that a particular URL is a master copy. This is important if a website consists of duplicate content that appear on multiple webpages such as multi-lingual content. It’s is very important for SEO and without such a tag, your website could get penalized for plagiarism.

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The benefits of installing Google Tag Manager on your Webflow website.

Installing Google Tag Manager gives your Webflow website the ability to:

  • Make the collaboration between IT and marketing much simpler.
  • Quickly deploy 3rd-party tags on your website with zero code.
  • Scale-up tags and track the performance.
  • Check for security, errors, and the benefits of async tag loading.

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Webflow is an excellent tool for building extraordinary and modern websites.

It allows you to easily incorporate Google Tag Manager tracking code and track the performance of your tags running smoothly and continuously. You can set up Google Tag Manager inside Webflow yourself, following these simple steps.

Google Tag Manager

We can implement it on your Webflow site.

No headache. No hustle. Let’s equip your Webflow website with Google Tag Manager together.

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