Greenhouse is a leading hiring and employee onboarding software that enhances all aspects of the recruiting processes. The power of Greenhouse can be amplified further with data integrations to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Greenhouse is utilized by companies and industries of all types and sizes.

What does Greenhouse do?

  • It organizes, builds, and integrates the hiring system for a company.
  • It provides distinct, permission levels for interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • It uses analytics to enhance constant improvements to your hiring system.
  • It reduces the time to hire by curating every touchpoint with the candidates .

There are several different ways to integrate Greenhouse with your career page, ranging in levels of complexity and customization. The good news is that the integration is controlled by your web dev team, so you can always be in full control.

Different options & levels of customization:

  • The simplest integration is to host a job board with Greenhouse. This level allows customizing the job board page options such as adding a logo, rich-text formatting of job posts, and writing job-specific custom questions. However, nothing aside from what is already shown on the website can be configured.
  • The next level of integration is embedding the Greenhouse job board into your website. The embed makes the career page a part of your organization’s website and the candidates don’t need to go to another web property to apply for the job. An added benefit is that the appearance of the job board can be changed using custom CSS to match your website’s brand.
  • Level 3 of the Greenhouse job board integration provides the ability to integrate API driven job boards and host job applications with Greenhouse. At this level of integration, the design of the website is controlled by your developers. However, the actual web page is still hosted on Greenhouse. With that, the application form for a job is still hosted with Greenhouse. NOTES
  • Level 4 of the Greenhouse integration allows embedding API-driven job boards and application forms to your website. This option includes all the benefits of level 3, along with the ability for candidates to apply for jobs directly on your company’s website. You can also configure this option to display job postings and application forms on the same site. Level 4 provides the best SEO results.
  • Level 5 is the final and most advanced Greenhouse integration. It allows creating a fully API-driven job board. It gives you complete control to fully customize the user experience.

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