Webflow Affiliate Program

It’s a way to earn money by referring people to Webflow. The affiliate program is powered by PartnerStack.

How does it work?

When a user clicks on your unique affiliate link, a cookie is stored for the user for 90 days. If the user purchases a Webflow plan within the 90-day period, then you earn 50% of that plan for the first 12 months.

Where should the affiliate link direct people?

People can be directed to any webflow.com domain.

How does Webflow benefit from the affiliate program?

Affiliates are somewhat part of Webflow’s sales and marketing team. Essentially, we help bring in new customers to Webflow and we produce a ton of content to promote Webflow, which in turn is great SEO for Webflow.

How to best manage Webflow affiliate links on PartnerStack?

You can create up to 50 links on PartnerStack. So, the strategy should be to create dynamic links, as there’s no upper limit to it. Learn about it in the video walkthrough:

Affiliate link, Partner code, Referral code - What’s the difference?

Learn about it in the video tutorial below:

Although our goal is to earn, always remember to share valuable and useful Webflow content and to not be spam-y.

You can continue reading more about affiliate programs in Webflow’s article 20 best affiliate programs for online creators in 2022.

What is Webflow Affiliate Program?

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