Webflow University is a platform for free, top-quality education that is developed, taught and managed by the education team at Webflow.

You can learn about website development, web design, HTML, CSS, interactions, web animations, web accessibility, migration, SEO fundamentals, eCommerce, CMS management, and lots more... Webflow is always adding new content to their University.

It’s not just about education, Webflow University also offers plenty of outcome-oriented courses:

You can even get certified by Webflow University for free by taking Webflow’s official exams. To help even more in learning Webflow offers free plans for teachers and students.

Finsweet Pro

Just like Webflow, Finsweet is also super passionate about education. We offer free resources, tools, and tutorials to take your Webflow technical skills to the next level.

What is Webflow University?

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