Webflow, Inc. is a SaaS company based in San Francisco, USA. It was founded in 2013 by Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou.

Webflow Designer is a No-Code tool for developing websites visually. In the Designer’s Canvas, visual developers manually add the building blocks of a website, and Webflow automatically generates HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in the background - this clean, semantic code is immediately ready to be published on the web, or to be exported. The Designer is Webflow’s core product.

Webflow has engineered a lot of features that’s built on top of the Designer. Each one takes the static page builder to the next level.

CMS (Content Management System) add-on enables you to create content-driven websites with custom content structures. Webflow CMS stores and maintains the dynamic content. You can even programmatically create new content from external data sources via Webflow’s CMS API, or import existing databases with Webflow’s bulk import. Webflow CMS can host up to 10,000 items on the business site plan.

eCommerce add-on enables you to create custom, branded purchase flows for your online customers. You can sell physical products, digital products, and services. Webflow eCommerce can host up to 3,000 items on the advanced site plan.

Motion design

Interactions empowers visual developers to build complex and rich animations, without writing a single line of custom code. You can even integrate and control the playback of After Effects and Lottie animations in Webflow Interactions.


SEO is built-in to Webflow’s product offering. It enables us to easily add schema markup, 301 redirects, indexing rules, alt tags, open graph setup, meta title & description, and custom sitemap.


Hosting is powered by AWS and Fastly that provide fast, secure, reliable, and scalable services. Webflow Hosting offers SSL as standard and gives you access to 100+ datacenters & servers worldwide. Every project also comes with a free staging site on a .webflow.io subdomain. Learn more about their all-inclusive offering.

Marketing tool

Editor lets you edit content right on the page - this makes it super easy for copy writers to manage content on the website. Webflow Editor truly removes the hurdle in content management.

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If you’re ready to build a Webflow website, then check out Finsweet’s free resources on developing a clean, organized, and scalable Webflow project, Client-first style system.

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