Example 2: CMS Anchor sections and links (navbar)

A real-life true CMS-driven anchor section and link system for Webflow CMS

See Finsweet

What we will cover

  • The structure of our CMS Collection List (the feed)

  • The structure of our sidebar section

  • The .anchor() component to create a CMS powered anchor section and link system.

The CMS List below is our "data feed". This will populate new sidebars links, anchor urls for each sidebar link, and section ids to each cms item.

It is not required to use sidebar. You can use ANY layout that you want.

This allows you to create a 100% CMS-driven anchor link system 💪

Is F'in sweet CMS Library free?

Using the library is 100% free for personal and commercial use.

The use of F'in sweet CMS Library will always be free for all users.

You are strictly prohibited to replicate, edit, remix, redistribute, resell, 'duplicate and change a little', or make any type of modification to this library script file.

Can I use CMS Library Components together?

Yes! You can. We call them "Combos". We have a list of approved and unapproved Combos in our documentation -

Do I need to know javascript to use this Library?

It is not required to know javascript to use ourLibrary. Some basic understanding of script is helpful, but not necessary. We have created a tool for those who are very uncomfortable with writing javascript:

What is the Visual Script writer?

Visual Script Writer for our CMS Library is a tool that will create the code you need to use the Library. Using this tool allows you to use our javascript Library without writing a line of code. Check it out here:

What is F'in sweet CMS Library for Webflow?

A javascript library that add extra functionality to your Webflow Dynamic Collection Lists. This js library was created by Finsweet, a Webflow-exclusive agency.

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