Example 1: CMS Slider

A real-life true CMS-driven slider with the native Webflow slider component

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What we will cover

  • The structure of our CMS Collection List (the feed)

  • The structure of our native Webflow Slider

  • The .slider() component to create a CMS powered slider.

This is native Webflow slider

In Designer, this has 2 slides

Project 1

Branding, Web Design


Rich text

The CMS List below is our "data feed". This will populate new slides in the Slider above.

On the published website, CMS Library creates a new Slide in the Slider for each CMS Item in the list below.

The child of the CMS Dynamic Item ('.slider-this-is-copied-to-slide') is 'copy and pasted' inside each 'Slide' above

This allows you to create a 100% CMS-driven Webflow native slider 💪

Project 1

Branding, Web Design

Project 2


Project 3

Web Design

Project 4


Project 5


Project 6

Motion Graphics

Project 7


Project 8

Web Design

Project 9

Web Design, Development

Project 10

Web Design, Development

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