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Early 2016

Joe started a web agency with zero knowledge, zero money.

Early 2016

Became Webflow-exclusive within first day of using Webflow.

Early 2017

Hires two part time employees — a designer and a JavaScript developer.

Mid 2017

Inducted into the Webflow Experts program based on successful work with early Webflow user, HelloSign.

Mid 2019

Creates first YouTube video. Today, Finsweet has released over 500 videos.

Late 2019

Finsweet grows to 12 full time employees.

Early 2020

Turned down $1.24 million offer to sell Finsweet.

Mid 2020

Finsweet releases CMS Library, the first third-party Webflow focused JavaScript library.

Late 2020

Finsweet drops design as a service for clients. Finsweet is now a development-only company.

Early 2021

Finsweet hires CTO, Alex Iglesias, which is a huge step forward in Finsweet's technical advancement of Webflow.

Early 2021

Finsweet hires Head of Agency, Jay Wolff, which sparked the growth of product and community initiatives.

Mid 2021

Finsweet releases Client-First — the official Webflow-focused build strategy of Finsweet.

Late 2021

Finsweet releases Attributes — JavaScript functionality for Webflow without code. Attributes is a stable, scalable replacement for CMS Library.

Late 2021

Finsweet secretly acquires Wized.

Mid 2021

Finsweet launches Finsweet Account — SSO login for all Finsweet web properties.

Late 2022

Finsweet tells people about secretly working on a completely reimagined Wized V2 for the past year. Wized V2 is launched.

Late 2022

Finsweet goes to Webflow Conf with jacket campaign

Early 2023

Finsweet+ membership launches

Early 2023

Finsweet Open Source Initiative

Near future

More sweet stuff is coming

We're hiring JavaScript developers