First year as a development-only agency

Finsweet starts a trend by becoming the first development-only agency working specifically in Webflow. This sets the stage for a big year.

Massive agency growth

Agency revenue doubles since 2020 and team grows from 20 to 45+.

Webflow Enterprise Partner

Finsweet is invited to join the first round of Webflow Enterprise Partners.

Reverse proxy server infrastructure

Finsweet.com is now managed through a reverse proxy server giving Finsweet.com credit for millions of page visits under one single Google web property.


Team members from around the world gather in Mexico for the first ever Finsweek retreat.

jsDelivr CDN migration

We built a more streamlined and reliable content delivery system for our users.

Weglot 3D Globes

We partnered with Weglot to build 3D globe functionality for Webflow without code.

gtag for Webflow Ecommerce

We launched an advanced GA4 gtag learning course specifically for Webflow Ecommerce.

Client-First Webflow Style System

We set a new benchmark for development in Webflow with Client-First. Creating one naming convention for every person, for every Webflow project.

Client-first resources and videos

We release dozens of wireframes, templates, video education, live builds, and other resources for Client-First.

Client-First Bootcamp community certifications

We completed our first round of Client-First community certifications.

Client-First community showcase

We launch a Client-First showcase to highlight community-submitted projects created with Client-First.

Cal-Invite for Webflow

We made it easy for people to create custom calendar invites in Webflow.

New Webflow Hacks

We launched 12 new Webflow Hacks, including the most requested hack, a pricing calculator in Webflow.

Nobull Airtable

We released a free Airtable app to connect your Webflow CMS with Airtable.

Cookie Consent for Webflow

We launched a powerful cookie consent plugin that complies with GDPR law. Built specifically for Webflow.

Finsweet Extension

We built a super badass Chrome extension to improve Webflow Design workflow.


We launched a whole new way to implement Finsweet into your Webflow project. CMS Library is deprecated and replaced by Attributes.

SEO Course

We launched a free advanced SEO course for Webflow.

Start of live streaming! F'in Growth & more

We launched a weekly livestream dedicated to helping you grow your Webflow web design business.

Finsweet YouTube channel success and growth

- 5,100 New subscribers

- 159 Videos published

- 76 Live streams

- 489,000+ Views

- 52,000+ Hours of watch time

Livestream education initatives

We hosted a ton of live build YouTube streams for community education.

Global Open House

Finsweet helped organize the first ever Webflow Global Open House with more than 500 attendees from around the world.

CloneComp 2021 (Year 2)

We hosted the largest Webflow hackathon on the planet with our second annual CloneComp event.

No-Code Conference success

- Company-wide success between mentions, features, and community engagement.

- Harshit Agrawal Speed Build Challenge contestant

No-Code Conference Finsweet speech

Joe Krug, CEO and founder of Finsweet, speaks at No-Code Conference.

No-Code Conference 2-day CSS project challenge

We participated in a Webflow organized CSS Blending mode / backdrop filter project challenge 72 hours before NCC. Projects featured in keynote!

Community Vote

We launched Community Voting. Tell us where to focus our attention next year.

You vote on it. We do it.

End of livestream - 2021 release teasers

Attributes CMS Filter UI Kit
- Launches before New Years Eve

Client-first fluid responsive update
- Launches December 25

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