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Finsweet Agency worked with 80 active clients

Agency worked on 80 active client projects in 2022.

Active client = A client that was invoiced in 2022.

This is a 25% increase from 2021. The number of developers in 2021 and 2022 remained the same.

Finsweet Agency built 77 websites for 1 client

Top performing partner company, Influence Society, launched 77 websites in 2022.

Influence Society offers marketing and web design for hotels. Finsweet develops in Webflow.

Webflow released a marketing video featuring Influence Society and Finsweet.

Finsweet has built almost 200 websites with Influence Society on Webflow.

Agency starts offering maintenance Agreements as a Service (MAaaS)

Finsweet Agency sees major success offering maintenance agreements to new and existing clients.

Maintenance agreements are now a core service of Finsweet Agency.

Client-First V2

Client-First Style System launches V2.

  • Improved core concepts with new docs pages.
  • Complete rewrite of all V1 documentation.
  • Screenshots, MP4s, and visuals in docs.
  • Rebranded and redesigned.

Client-First becomes the most cloned third-party project in Webflow

Client-First reaches 19,000 clones in Webflow, making it the most cloned project of all time from the community.

Client-First Folders

Folders launches with Client-First V2. Folders introduces a new way to organize classes inside Webflow.

Use Folders to organize CSS classes inside Finsweet Extension.

Client-First fluid design generator

Client-First introduces a fluid design code generator to add viewport scaling to all Client-First projects.

Follow Client-First and use REM throughout the project — Fluid design generator will completely customize scaling of element sizes across all breakpoints.

Client-First translated documentation

Client-First launches translated documentation through Finsweet community.

Languages launched in 2022:

8 additional languages are confirmed for 2023 — Portuguese, Hungarian, Chinese Simplified, Greek, German, Arabic, Lithuanian, Spanish.

Attributes reaches over 140 million page loads per month

Across all Attributes solutions, Attributes packages are loaded 140 million times each month.

Accessible Filter UI Kit

Collection of accessible components that integrate with Attributes CMS Filter.

Each component includes individual documentation.

Webflow Library: Accessible Components

Accessible Components library that integrates with Webflow Libraries and Attributes.

Each component includes a Attributes solution.

Attributes API

Attributes API launches to allow developers to programmatically customize Attributes implementations.

Introduces CMS Core — an API-only tool to help developers interact with the Webflow Collection List component.

(Automated Support Service)

Automated Support Service for Attributes.

This tool helps users find problems in Attributes implementations before going to human support.

Attributes Combos cloneable

Cloneable created by Attributes Support team.

This cloneable shows the most common combinations of Attributes solutions used by the community.

Clone the project and understand how many Attributes can be used togther.

Webflow Experts page adopts Attributes

Webflow Experts directory on webflow.com was rebuilt with Attributes as the CMS Filter tool.

Reverse proxy server infrastructure V2

Rebuilt our reverse proxy server infrastructure to enable nested Webflow project urls. For example, we can nest a "Attributes Combos" cloneable project inside the primary Attributes project.


Where "/attributes" is a Webflow project and "/combos" is a different Webflow project.

Finsweet Extension new solutions

Solutions built and launched in 2022.

  • Fluid Design Generator
  • Folders
  • PX to REM Migrator
  • Vertical Canvas Resize
  • Integrated Finsweet Accounts system inside Finsweet Extension.

Webflow Hacks in TypeScript

Rebuilt "Finsweet Hacks in jQuery" (2018) as "Finsweet Hacks in TypeScript".

Previous solutions have been rewritten in TypeScript to reflect Finsweet's 2022 technical quality.

Form Flex API

Finsweet builds Form Flex API for building conditional logic flows with Webflow form.

This solution is built as a private API for Finsweet developers to implement in client projects.

Greenhouse to Webflow integration

Finsweet builds Greenhouse for Webflow integration.

This solution is built as a private Attributes integration for Finsweet Agency to implement on client projects.

Cookie Consent reaches over 43 million page loads per month

Finsweet's Cookie Consent for Webflow reaches 43 million page loads per month.

Finsweet Development Starter

GitHub repo for all Finsweet development projects to start from. Included tools:

  • Typescript: A superset of Javascript that adds an additional layer of Typings, bringing more security and efficiency to the written code.
  • Prettier: Code formatting that assures consistency across all Finsweet's projects.
  • ESLint: Code linting that enforces industries' best practices. It uses our own custom configuration to maintain consistency across all Finsweet's projects.
  • Playwright: Fast and reliable end-to-end testing.
  • esbuild: Javascript bundler that compiles, bundles and minifies the original Typescript files.
  • Changesets: A way to manage your versioning and changelogs.
  • Finsweet's TypeScript Utils: Some utilities to help you in your Webflow development.

Global Open House

Global Open House 2022 brought the Webflow community together in GatherTown for a day of networking and content.

F'in Pro community

Paid Finsweet Pro community launches for dedicated Finsweet followers (May 2022).

F'in Pro is now at 1,000 members.

Pro community features human Finsweet support, priority access to new Finsweet tools, early access to beta testing, roadmapping, courses, giveaways, discounts, and more.

Community Day

Community Day was a live YouTube series featuring Webflow community members and their professional journey.

This type of content will resurface in 2023 with new Pro benefits.

Technical Day

Technical Day was a live YouTube series by Finsweet CTO, Alex Igleasias. Alex taught technical development and JavaScript inside Webflow.

This type of content will resurface in 2023 with new Pro benefits.

Flow Parents group

A small community inside a small community. Flow Parents group forms inside Finsweet Pro paid community.

Flow Parents is available for anyone can join inside Slack.

Pro Community benefits

In 2022, we gave these benefits to our F'in Pro community:

  • May 2022 — Client-First V2 Pro early access
  • June 2022 — Pros vote on next wave of Attributes solutions
  • July 2022 — First public viewing of Client-First Folders
  • August 2022 — New Attributes released to Pro users
  • September 2022 — $1800 Wized credit
    Pros who signed up before Aug 30th 2022.
  • October 2022 — Pros vote on the next Pro benefits.
  • November 2022 — Announced redefined Pro live content benefits.

Twitter stats

  • 1,000+ Tweets
  • 4,190+ New Followers
  • 9,000+ Mentions

Finsweet Merch launches

A new merch store with updated brand design.

Built with Webflow Ecommerce + Printful.

Affiliate link initiative launches

Finsweet builds affiliate marketing system.

  • Recognized as one of PartnerStack's Premium Partners.
  • Partnered with an additional 14 companies.
  • Link click tracking through finsweet.info url.

Exclusive discounts to people who make a purchase via our affiliate link.

Launched Finsweet Recommended, Finsweet's official recommended applications and work hardware.

Started Instagram and TikTok activity

Instagram is getting social post action and TikTok was launched in 2022.

Finsweet rebrand

New logo, new brand colors, new style.

New Finsweet.com

The new Finsweet.com launches.

New website features a complex 3D infrastructure and a deep content sitemap to reflect Finsweet 2023.

The homepage of the previous Finsweet.com was released as a cloneable.

🏆 Award
Community Creator of the Year

Finsweet wins Webflow Community Creator of the Year award at Webflow Conf.

Sergey wins first Relume Design League championship

Finsweet brand designer, Sergey Stanchev, wins the first RDL championship.

Conf Campaign

Finsweet had 16 employees at Webflow Conf.

  • Each employees had matching Finsweet jackets. Each jacket was customized with the employees name on the back.
  • Unique QR codes by person. Scanning the QR code "caught" the Finsweet employee and showed a profile of employee. This QR code game was built with Wized.
  • People who scanned all 16 employees received a Wized Large plan free for 1 year.
  • The campaign looked super cool and was considered a big success.

Finsweet Account built as SSO platform

Finsweet launches Finsweet Account, an SSO platform for all things Finsweet.

One Finsweet Account allows users to log into all Finsweet web properties.

Finsweet acquires, rebuilds, and launches Wized

Finsweet acquires Wized!

  • Wized is now a Finsweet product.
  • Jonas Beisswenger, creator of Wized, joins Finsweet full time.
  • Finsweet reimagines and rebuilds Wized as a team.
  • Wized.io is considered V1. Wized.com was purchased and named V2.
  • Wized is launched to all Finsweet Pro users and will use an invite system for access. Public launch in 2023.

Wized Beginner and Advanced education learning paths

Video education for Wized releases.

Beginner path and Advanced path for people of all skill levels.

The video education covers web application development principles and how to implement those principles in Wized.

Webflow Designer Productivity series

Video education series for workflow enhancements and efficient Webflow use.

Finsweet YouTube channel success and growth

  • 6,165 New subscribers
  • 164 Videos published
  • 125 Live streams
  • 765k+ Views
  • 4.2 million minutes of watch time

Mental health live streams

Finsweet talks about mental health issues while working from home.

Many community members reached out to us privately to thank us for this initiative.