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In lesson #13, we learn how to use the Add Classes component. Check out this tutorial's live example below. For more examples, go to CMS Library How-to.

Easily generate javascript code with the Visual Script Writer. For help with implementation, shoot us a message on Sweet JS. If you have any questions/feedback, please comment on this lesson's Youtube video.

  • 00:07 - Intro
  • 00:26 - What is Add Classes?
  • 00:46 - Building the page from scratch
  • 09:03 - Setting up the Add Classes component
  • 10:22 - Generate code with Visual Script Writer
  • 12:26 - Setting up a trigger
  • 13:17 - Live Example
  • 13:45 - Go to Sweet JS for help with implementation

Live Example

Sweet Text for Webflow Rich Text

Apply custom classes, styles, and Webflow Interactions to any text inside a Webflow Rich Text block. Works with static elements and CMS Rich Text field.

F’in sweet CMS Library for Webflow

Documentation for the F'in sweet CMS Library for Webflow. These docs cover all of the javascript functions you can do with the CMS Library.

Scrollbar Styler

Visually style your scrollbar like you're in Webflow designer. Generate clean CSS and copy/paste to your Webflow site settings.

F'in sweet Webflow Hacks

A custom code-focused video series for Webflow websites. Learn how to use jQuery and javascript to extend the functionality of your Webflow site.


Download Lottie icon animations to implement on your Webflow website. Change hex color, customize easing, and download JSON files to use Lottie with Webflow Interactions.

Sweet JS

When you're using a Finsweet product on your Webflow website and you get stuck, we will help you fix any javascript issue for free.

Class Adder for Webflow Interactions

Learn how to add custom interactions to your Webflow project with simple javascript using the Finsweet Class Adder Interactions tool.