Useful Webflow functionality upgrades with custom code

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Show a custom success message in a Webflow Form default Success state
Show a custom success message in a Webflow Form when using a url redirect within your site
Count and display the amount of items in a Webflow Collection List
Create dynamic Webflow CMS generated anchor links
Customize CMS item filtering parameters with Webflow CMS text fields
Use a GIF as a page preloader AND only show it once per day
Customize Favicon for a specific page
Create a 404 instant redirect to homepage
Use 100% custom slider dots for Webflow Slider component
Use Interactions and cookies to only play your loading animation once per day
Dynamically submit page url through a Webflow web form submission
Run a function on button click with javascript and jquery
Create a back button with href javascript or jquery click function
Automatically show current year in footer with span and js
Remove anchor link id tag and # on urls within the same page
Remove anchor link id tag and # on urls when loading a page
Use a plus minus counter on your Webflow form
Reject gmail and other non-business emails from form submission
Submit checkboxes, radios, and select as text fields in Mailchimp
Create sub bullet lists inside a Rich Text element
Create an age gate to confirm the user's age
Show and format the current date
Show and format the current time
Detect the user's browser and run a function
Detect the user's mobile OS and run a function
Run different functions on desktop vs mobile
Run different scripts on desktop vs mobile
Put input field text into a text block for fun personalization
Show user's name in a Webflow Form success message
Remove static title of a CMS Dynamic List when there are no items in the list
MemberStack - Add classes based on logged in state
MemberStack - Allow users to like or save items
MemberStack - Insert user's name to a text block
MemberStack - Password confirm validation with Webflow Interactions
MemberStack - Set and save user profile avatars
MemberStack - Redirect to same page after signup or login
Open the last tab the user had open when they revisit the page
Run a Webflow Interaction after successful form submission
Copy a link query from a third party link and add it to links on your site
As the user is typing in an input, show the input text in a text block
Add active dot to active anchor section link
Use checkbox to create a pricing calculator on a Webflow form
Use radio to create a pricing calculator on a Webflow form
Use select to create a pricing calculator on a Webflow form
Use checkbox, radio, and select to create a pricing calculator on a Webflow form
Create a profit margin calculator with a Webflow form
Pricing Calculator: Manual text input - Addition
Pricing Calculator: Manual text input - Subtraction
Pricing Calculator: Manual text input - Multiplication
Pricing Calculator: Range slider
Pricing Calculator: CMS - Addition
Load Webflow Interactions per user session
Dynamically change the content of a landing page based on the URL parameter
CMS checkbox boxes with dynamic name and ID
Custom slider dots for CMS Library Slider component
Internet Explorer browser check pop-up modal
Time stamps for videos in Webflow CMS
Time stamps for videos on Webflow

Learn how to use jQuery and javascript to extend the functionality of your Webflow site.

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please never stop making these. When webflow takes up a larger market share, you will have so many newbies like me flocking to your content!

Joshua Gomez

Again Joe, just killing it with stuff that saves me on the details with my clients!  Thanks so much man!

DFink Design

My goodness dude this is exactly what I need to do on a project next week. Very well explained - thank you so much! SUBSCRIBED.

Tom Piggott

Your videos are legit, and very well done. Thanks for all of the work you put in for the Webflow community!

Rye Green

This was incredibly helpful. I love webflow and use it daily for work, but I was struggling with this functionality. Exactly what I was looking for - THANK YOU

Grace Walker

This is so dope! And it's also why I'm such a huge fan of Finsweet. You really help this Webflow beginner look like seasoned pro. Thanks a million 😎🤙

Gabe TehDalek