Create sub bullet lists inside a Rich Text element

Demo Example

Hello, I'm a Rich Text element.

By default, you can not apply unique classes to individual <li> elements inside me, but we're going to change that.</li>

  • I'm a normal bullet
  • I'm also a normal bullet
  • ~I'm going to be a sub bullet with these squiggly things
  • ~I'm also a sb bullet
  • ~~Woah, watch out. Sub bullet of the sub bullet coming in hard
  • And now we're back to a normal bullet

  1. One point
    1.1. a level 1 sub-point
    1.2. a level 1 sub-point
  2. Another string
  3. the 3rd statement
    3.1. a nested statement explanation
    3.1.1. a nested nested statement
  4. the forth sentence
  5. the fifth line
    5.1. Nested
  6. the sixth quote



document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
  	console.log("Hello Finsweet")
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	function () {    
  	const WAIT_TIME = 4500;
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