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Attributes API

Getting started

Attributes is a no-code solution for adding advanced functionality to a Webflow project.

Attributes API allows javascript on top of the Attributes no-code solution. We can write code to interact with the internal logic of Attributes.

All solutions directory page — Lists all no-code Attributes solutions. The API can be used to programmatically interact with these solutions.

Each API-supported solution has its own API documentation page.

Use cases

The API can be used to:

  • Add JavaScript to Attributes solutions.
  • Add custom functionality to Attributes when the default no-code functionality does not satisfy the use case.
  • Integrate third-party JavaScript libraries with Attributes solutions.
  • Integrate third-party data (data outside of Webflow CMS) with Attributes solutions.
  • Programmatically set custom values to filters, search, range sliders, etc.
  • Listen for events such as "renderitems", "switchpage", etc, to trigger custom actions when desired.

Example use cases

SlickJS Slider: Use a custom slider library like SlickJS together with Attributes cmsload. You can dynamically add new slides to SlickJS when cmsload loads them.

Google Analytics: Push analytics events to Google when the user applies a filter. When the filter changes, or satisfies a specific filter combination, push the event to the dataLayer.

GitHub Changelog: Filter through GitHub data on our Updates page. This page fetches data from GitHub with JavaScript and filters through the data with Attributes API.

Common confusions

Can the API fetch external data and add it to the Webflow website?

  • No. The API does not fetch the external data and bring it into Webflow. JavaScript can fetch the external data and bring it into Webflow. The Attributes API allows you to apply Attributes solutions to the external data.

Can the API be used with Webflow CMS?

  • Yes. The API is not specific to Webflow CMS or any data source. It can be used with any data. Attributes API allows us to interact with Attribute solutions, regardless of where the data comes from.

Can the API solve the 10,000 CMS item limit?

  • No. The API solution is completely separated from the 10,000 limit. The API can work with data from Webflow CMS, which has a hard limit of 10,000 CMS items. The API can work with data from external sources, which have no item limits. The API itself does not bring in that external data. JavaScript can bring in this external data and the API allows us to programmatically control the functionality from Attributes solutions.


JavaScript fundamentals

Attributes API is best used by people who understand the basics of JavaScript. Although a non-technical Webflow developer may be able to use Attributes API, it is not a no-code tool.

Watch the video tutorial below to understand if you are ready for Attributes API.

If you're interested in learning JavaScript, we recommend this course on Udemy.


Understand the API with a walkthrough tutorial.

1. Get data from external API and add it to a Collection List

2. Filter external API data on the page with Attributes


We are actively growing and supporting Attributes API. Each released Attributes solution will soon have a matching Attributes API documentation page.

Here's what we're working on:


Attributes API technical support is available as part of our Finsweet Pro offering.

We can not guarantee that your API use case will be supported. We may be able to assist you in your API implementation. We may not be able to help at all. Our support staff is technical and does write JavaScript.

Learn more about our Support expectations.


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