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Edit Link Blocks in Editor

Allow clients to edit Webflow Link Block elements inside Editor.


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Edit Link Blocks in Editor
Step #1

Copy the Solution <script> and paste into the <head> of your page

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Step #2

Implement in Webflow

Apply attributes to elements on the page

Below is a list of elements and options that are used to create this Attributes functionality. Click any of them to see more details.

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I want the element inside this
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Div Block

to be client-friendly in Webflow editor
See how it works
see webflow attributes
Add this attribute
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Check live example here
When this attribute is set to a parent Div Block element, it will automatically act as a Link Block in Editor.

Useful when you want to use a Link Block and have the url Webflow Editor friendly.

It requires a child Text Link or Button elements (can be displayed or hidden). All clicks to the parent will click the child link.

tabindex and role="link" should be set to the parent for Accessibility purposes.
how to add link block edit attribute

Working examples

See this solution working live in this Webflow project.

Example 1
Editable link block
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about this attributes solution.

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