In lesson #14, we learn how to use the Previous-Next component. Check out this tutorial's live example below. For more examples, go to CMS Library How-to.

Easily generate javascript code with the Visual Script Writer. For help with implementation, shoot us a message on Sweet JS. If you have any questions/feedback, please comment on this lesson's Youtube video.

  • 00:07 - Intro
  • 00:15 - What is the Previous-Next component?
  • 02:46 - Building the page structure from scratch
  • 06:30 - Setting up the Previous-Next component
  • 18:29 - Generate code with Visual Script Writer
  • 20:59 - Live Example

Live Example


Sweet Text for Webflow Rich Text

Apply custom classes, styles, and Webflow Interactions to any text inside a Webflow Rich Text block. Works with static elements and CMS Rich Text field.

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