Release notes

We actively manage, maintain, service, and grow F'in sweet CMS Library.

Primary reason for release
  • Nest 2.0 released for more powerful nesting options with less steps
  • Visually style Load More pagination component in Designer with attributes
  • Technical improvement: Fixed CMS Library potentially causing issues when other scripts were using the Webflow.push() method. Now the library will no longer generate any conflicts with other scripts on the page.
  • For javascript developers: Now all asynchronous methods (like nest or slider) will return an awaitable promise. Javascript developers can now safely interact with CMS Library generated elements in the DOM after waiting for the asynchronous methods to finish their mutations.
  • Adds new option to Slider: itemsPerSlide. Define the amount of CMS items to put in each Slide
  • Adds new option to Tabs: tabContent. Define a <div> with any content to be your dynamic tab button
  • Fixes Safari AJAX bug that doesn’t load new images on the page. Our Load More component now has a solution for this bug.
  • Sort now recognizes negative numbers
  • Improves Filter + Load More Pagination to assure all items are loaded to the page
  • Removes Webflow Slider arrows is there is only 1 slide
  • Fixes an issue with emptyMessage in Filter
  • Fixes an issue where <div> was not recognized as Nest content
  • Adds new Previous Next component
  • Adds FREAKING PAGINATION option to Load More component. You can now filter behind pagination
  • Fix issue of ecommerce add to cart button not working with resetIx is set to true
  • Adds emptyMessage option inside Filter to show a custom <div> when your filter results are empty
  • Improved activeClass state on Anchor component
  • Fixed an issue when animations are set to false on Load More
  • Adds filterByClass, filterRage, filterReset as options inside the Filter Component
  • Adds Slider, Tabs, and Anchor components
  • Adds “infiniteScroll” and “infinate­ScrollPercentage” options for continuous scroll support for Load More
  • Small bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Load More
  • Adds support for Nest + Load More when used as a combo
  • Fixes issue when 2 load more instances are on one page
  • Adds resetIx option in Load More component to prevent IX2 from resetting
  • Fixes issue of interactions not working with load more and combine
  • Fixes issue when multiple load more instances are on 1 page
  • Adds new Nest component
  • Initial release with 4 components: Combine, Filter, Sort, Add Classes