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p-colour1, p-underscore, p-hover, p-sthrough, draggable, ix-avoid, ix-explosion

<h-sweet>Sweet Text<h-sweet>

Hey people, Finsweet here with a short story!

Once upon a time, a scripting sensei, an architect of deep thought, and a human webflow js glue stick asked themselves a question: why is working with rich text in Webflow so limited? Why can't we make our rich content <p-color-blue>colorful<p-color-blue>, add <p-underscore>underscores<p-underscore>, fancy <p-hover>hover<p-hover> states, and <p-sthrough>strikethroughs<p-sthrough> to our text? Or even add <draggable>⤮ custom<draggable> <draggable>⤮ js-driven<draggable>  <draggable>⤮ objects<draggable>?

Less than 30 minutes later a concept was born, raised, became mature, and went into development. The newborn idea was: what if we could apply any class to any part of rich text content? Including those with interactions set to <ix-avoid>t<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>r<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>i<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>g<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>g<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>e<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>r<ix-avoid> <ix-avoid>o<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>n<ix-avoid> <ix-avoid>c<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>l<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>a<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>s<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>s<ix-avoid><ix-avoid>!<ix-avoid>

The results of this short conversation will <ix-explosion>blow<ix-explosion> your mind!

Yes, everything above (including that magnificently scrolling title) is inside a single rich text element. And yes, it works with CMS!

We hope you are sufficiently blown away, and are ready to make this work on your own project.

There are two things to do to make this happen:

That's it! You are good to go! Say goodbye to impossible-to-style templates. Say goodbye to cursing at the rich text element. Since we love doing tutorial videos you, here is Joe explaining everything about Sweet Text in detail:

What the heck is Sweet Text?

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