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Create sortable list elements inside a rich text element block with jQuery UI

Sweet Text can apply any class anywhere in rich text. Through classes, we can communicate with javascript libraries. We look at how to integrate custom js library effects to specific words, phrases, or elements inside rich text. Many javascript effect libraries can be added to Webflow rich text content with Sweet Text.


Go ahead - Sort the list below!

  • <list-sortable>List 1<list-sortable>
  • <list-sortable>List 2<list-sortable>
  • <list-sortable>List 3<list-sortable>
  • <list-sortable>List 4<list-sortable>
  • <list-sortable>List 5<list-sortable>
  • <list-sortable>List 6<list-sortable>

This video shows you how to create draggable text inside a rich text element using the simple jQuery UI library.

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