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Multiple heading, paragraph, link, and content styles in rich text CMS field

Create multiple style options for h1, h2, h3, h4, quote, paragraph, link, etc. inside a Rich Text CMS field. Apply these different options inside Designer or Editor with <ix-explosion><simple-text-tag><ix-explosion>. Webflow CMS rich text block can now be infinitely customized!


Default rich text




  • list item
  • list item



Custom classes


Normal h2 <h2-alt>with Sweet Text h2<h2-alt> and back to normal

Normal h3 <h3-alt>with Sweet Text h3<h3-alt> and back to normal

Normal p <p-color-red>with Sweet Text red p<p-color-red> and back to normal

Normal p <p-color-green>with Sweet Text green p<p-color-green> and back to normal

  • A normal unordered list item
  • <li-powerful>Sweet Text list item<li-powerful>
  • <li-powerful-tab1>Sweet Text list item<li-powerful-tab1>
  • <li-powerful-tab2>Sweet Text list item<li-powerful-tab2>
  1. <li-powerful>ordered list item<li-powerful>
  2. <li-powerful>ordered list item<li-powerful>
  3. <li-powerful>ordered list item<li-powerful>

Normal quote
<quote-alt>Sweet Text alternative quote<quote-alt>

Lil' callout bars that clients always ask for



Normal link inside rich text

<link-cta>CTA BUTTON BUY ME NOW<link-cta>

This video shows you how to set up different style options for each rich text element type.

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