Sweet Text

p-colour1, p-underscore, p-hover, p-sthrough, draggable, ix-avoid, ix-explosion

<h-sweet>WTH is it?<h-sweet>

What is Sweet Text? A Webflow rich text element style system?

Sweet Tags adds classes inside the Webflow Rich Text element.

We created Sweet Text for <ix-explosion>you<ix-explosion>. For the community. For every time you needed this functionality and it wasn't there for you. We compiled all of our javascript snippets, our knowledge, and resources related to Webflow rich text. We produced a simple, logical, code-free solution for customizing rich text inside Webflow. Add classes and styles to any piece of text inside the Webflow rich text element. Full compatibility with Webflow Interactions.

This video shows you what the heck Sweet Text is.

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