Just want to say a big thank you for diving into the GDPR issue. Truly amazing that you keep doing these kind of things for us who are still struggling to build these solutions by ourselves.

One goal for this year is to become a @thatsfinsweet client-first certified agency/dev. It seems like it will soon be an even better indicator of expertise/skill than being a certified Webflow expert.

Awesome work Joe and the Finsweet team. Thank you for the great work you guys are doing. I'm excited to use some of these with my website.

Thank you for this!

I definitely try to keep up with your videos on YouTube! You guys do some INCREDIBLE stuff. Blowin mah miiiind!

You guys have created an incredible toolkit which enhances webflows usability vastly and for freee! unbelievable work, I massively appreciate everything you’ve all done. Attributes is such an improvement from the previous (already incredible) iteration.

Finsweet was awesome to work with. Their creative team took our vision to new heights, creating a site that’s impactful and effective at driving business. I'd highly recommend them to anyone

Huge shoutout to Sweet JS for working relentlessly on a solution for my problem! THANK YOU!

Thank you, Joe!

This worked like a charm!

That feeling when you build out a custom, accessible select field to filter a collection list and pull in the select field options dynamically thanks to @thatsfinsweet's tooling 👏This is such a brilliant resource for anyone building in Webflow!

Absolutely game changer! Thanks for providing these tools!

thanks @Raymmar @Colleen Brady and @Joe Krug and everyone at Finsweet that helped organize yesterday’s event! That went super smoothly. So impressed! :blue_heart:

This is awesome man! 🔥

This is dope. Congrats, Joe!

Awsome man, just what needed is here!!


Hey everyone!! Here to say a BIG thank you to Finsweet and whoever worked at the F'insweet CMS library! I managed to add 2 filters (exclusive) to a collection list for a very important client project!

I love it too ♥️

hey Sweet JS loving this project and am so excited that this library enabled our agency to actually use Webflow as a fully functional solution

Wow. Amazing. TY!

Great stream today @thatsfinsweet. The more I see about Client-first (https://finsweet.com/client-first) the more excited I get to use it.

Simply put: you are an absolute legend for this!

Great resource! Thanks for adding so much to the community.

Just wanted to say thanks to the Finsweet team for all of your incredible resources. I've worked with Webflow as a solo freelancer since 2015 (learned a lot along the way and Finsweet has saved my tail moooore than once). I've finally just launched my studio after working with a great group of folks on various projects in 2021. Our site was even built with one of Finsweet's client-first templates as a base, with some customizations. The incredible community around Webflow is one of the biggest reasons I believe it has such a bright future (I know many of you feel the same). Thanks again and looking forward to what we'll all be able to do in 2022.

Dope as usual.

Great idea! Thanks for doing this. 👍

I would like to express my deeply thank you for all the great work you’re doing and sharing with such an amazing generosity. Your videos and websites are so smart, clear and intuitive. Thank you, you're so awsome!

I love you. You are Jesus.

Great support and an amazing library. Thanks guys!

Thank you everyone at Sweet JS for making my life so much easier! Your Filter Library saved me so much time when building out a properties page (https://www.topnotchhomes.ca/properties). They should make filters a native feature in Webflow. Thanks again for the awesome work Finsweet team!!

Blown away by Finsweet Attributes for Webflow - thanks.

Seriously, amazing work! Thanks Joe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :smiley:I deeply appriciate your service, support and Webflow-solutions. Finsweet really lives up to its name!

Confession: I had no idea what the F'nsweet CMS library was that everyone was talking about.. then after trying to learn about it I felt hopeless for a moment as if I would never understand it. After watching ONE explainer video from the team I was LIT, this CMS library is out of this world. Thanks for empowering the world, Finsweet!

Just want to say thanks for creating this awesome new attributes system!! I found it super easy to setup and when I had one small problem that needed solving @Joe Krug and the team helped me out within 12 hours to solve my problem. My page speed score also had absolutely no impact from this implementation, which is fantastic

Joe it’s almost too easy to install now…can you maybe make it harder?!! Jk amazing work. I think this is your best yet. You had me at DOM.

Hey Joe... Love your face, love your "your web, your way" commitment with the blog post too!

Wow it's so amazing that it's too much :)

Excited to see how the new membership features play out :slightly_smiling_face: Just signed up for lifetime

I have to say—this community is amazing! Thank you so much for everything you do

Love it!

Can't thank you enough, that's huge content.


I have no idea how you guys provide such quick service for free but thank you so much! Hugely appreciated

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I haven't used much of it as my coding knowledge is a still little shy (i really want to understand everything properly), but making all this available is freackin fantastic. Super grateful.

Hello, a big thanks for your awesome work Finsweet! You made many webflow customization super fast and easy!

I checked the code Crumbs and it's looking promising. I wish I'd knew js so I could help there. I'm have js in my late 2020 scope to learn. Maybe then... 😁

Thank you so much for what you have built here. The extent of resources, quality, and care-And I haven't paid a dime... I feel like I'm stealing something lol.Truly a superpower to grow client businesses, and a solid community.I'm just getting underway. Excited for the foundation ahead

This is awesome! Need to test it out ASAP. :D

This site makes me so happy! Its just so freaking good!

Really Awesome!!

Finsweet managed the blog migration process in a really tidy and effective way. We had a lot of moving parts within HelloSign and Finsweet was really excellent and orchestrating all of those and working together with the team. It was a really great process overall.

Have just managed to add a cms powered lightbox gallery inside of a post using attributes-richtext and attributes-mirrorclick and it was definitely the win of the day if not week, i wasn’t expecting it to work and it just did. Thank you :smile:

Bonjour F'in sweet, thank you for the beautiful videos and throroughly designed communication channels that make implementing your very useful resources and delight. Merci !

Hey guys! Amazing work with the library! Just implemented a simple exclusive filter in one of my client's websites and the experience was a breeze! For someone with no experience in Javascript, I appreciate the visual script writer inmensely! Thanks so much for the hard work! Yall should definitely get a Ko-Fi or something so we can buy you coffees as thanks :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Hi everyone, I started using Finsweet tools about a month ago and I am blown away by how incredible it is. At first I could not understand way I can’t find the pricing table, because this just can’t be free right? Dabbling with all the possibilities made me enjoy designing and figuring things out again. Thank you so much for all the work you do for the community, this is truly F’in amazing!!

Thanks Finsweet for putting on a great event today and for bringing the community closer together. Great to see some familiar faces. How good is the Webflow community! :ok_hand:

@finsweet I've definitely been using some of your ideas in my projects. Thanks team!

This is so useful. I'm going to use it on a demo site for a template. I can explain each section or feature while the visitor is scrolling the template webpage. Fantastic! Thank you! 🙏

Today I was able to help a client who wanted to implement a rather complex filter for their site. A few months ago I would probably have sent them to some other developer friends to have it built. Those times are now long gone thanks to finsweet, and that’s just awesome! Thank you for everything!

This is out of the box, so cool the animations the way you made it it's amazing !!!!

Hey! I recently join in this Sweet JS, and I want to say thank you for the code and hacks. I recently used one of your preloader cookies hacks, and it is awesome!

Joe, the client-first initiative is fantastic, and a great contribution to the webflow community!

Awesome Library! Huge fan.

Working on my first client Webflow project and I can’t thank y’all enough for your resources. Finsweet + Webflow makes me feel so powerful!

This is power!

This videos have helped me a ton and are super high production value -- super super underrated channel here!

Thank you very much for your contribution to improving the usability of Weblow! Every time I mentally thank you for the convenient features that you are doing and I look forward to your every update on the YouTube channel. You are best!:blush:

@finsweet This is F*ing unrealImma need you to take a step back and slow TF down for a minute so the rest of us can catch up! 😂😅

Creative and interactions are so well done.

I never knew that I could actually get excited about making a slider 😄I am a bit late to this game, but thank you so much for all the good you share!!!

I’m amazed at what y’all have built, especially when Webflow doesn’t have native functionality for creating extensions. So impressive and I hope seeing how much value an external company can add encourages them to make the platform more extendable in the future. Kudos to the team

The Finsweet team has been a reliable and trusted partner for Steadily for both Webflow design and development. The Finsweet method of collaboration allows for fluid conversation between teams and agile delivery. We have been consistently impressed with the quality of design and speed to market. I would highly recommend Finsweet to any brand leveraging the Webflow platform.

Thanks for awesome work! F'in Sweet! you guys made my life so easy. Hope you guys do more like this! All the best!

F'in cool!

Thanks @Joe Krug - you’re doing great things here ! Hopefully we can get my site live and published soon so I can share and tag you guys! Awesome work!

hi guys! thanks for being so cool! I was wondering if there is an option to customize a font for the text within a Datepicker 'plugin'?

Amazing work!

Hello! Very happy to join this slack and I just want to thank all the finsweet team for the work you are doing for the Webflow community

just wow

Big shout out to @thatsfinsweet for their client-first design system, this is the building block that I have been patiently waiting for someone to create for two years now. Used it for the first time yesterday and it is a fundamental game changer framework for organizing projects

It's unbelievable how dedicated and generous you guys are at Finsweet! Love everything you guys do. Thank you 🙏🏾

It’s absolutely splendid!

TAKE MY MONEY!! @thatsfinsweet Who else is on this bullet train straight to Webflow Heaven?

Easiest buy-in decision ever. Couldn't be happier to support the F'insweet crew - as everyone has said here, thank you for all y'all do. Your resources and training have truly helped take my business to another level! Keep on innovating!

I found Finsweet a couple weeks ago and it has been a huge game changer for us! We are super grateful for the work you guys have put in. Thank you!

Thanks for this! Greatly appreciated

this is great, thanks for it

honestly joe, i'd wish I was as creative and good as you, because of you im never satisfied with the sites I make. You sir, are a wizard!

Autolike:D As usual, a useful video

Thanks so much Finsweet for you help with Sweet Text. This is a game changer for me.

Cool! I love you brother!

Started with client first, now getting into the hacks… and it’s changing the game! Thanks finsweet!

Happy new year for everyone in this fantastic group! :balloon::balloon::balloon: May all your goals come through and lots of health for you and your love ones. And thanks for all the fantastic help!

Great!!!! happy to be here!

Awesome!! 🚀

Attributes is F´in sweet! Thank you

Love this content ! So glad you kept going. Amazing functionality from Attributes CMS Filter. Great to see it implemented and in action 😊

F'insweet for the win!