Amazing, been waiting for this from you guys. Super excited to try it out

Many thanks to the whole team, your a real asset to the Webflow community and to sure many others. The first time I saw your website on the WF showcase I thought this is so dope and inspiring, the more I get to know you as people and a company the even more dope you are!Thanks a million and never change!

Thanks for this! Greatly appreciated

Hi! This is SUCH a great option for complex filtering – THANK YOU!

Your team is literally the best!!! Thank you for all you do, true game changers. Thank you thank you thank you!

Absolutely incredible service level. Problem solved in a matter of 2 hours which would have taken me forever. Hats off to that kind of professional attitude!


We love Finsweet

You already own this space, this just makes other WF users need the Finsweet resources even more. Amazing once again

Many thanks to the Finsweet Team but more specifically to Sweet JS for sorting out my filters. You guys are awesome!

This is incredible!

Damn this is so exciting. Why give all of this away for free?

This videos have helped me a ton and are super high production value -- super super underrated channel here!

Thank you so much to the JS team! This is so amazing and i’m always so blown away by the help we receive! I recently was able to launch a new SEARCH BAR because of Sweet JS (https://www.spillthebean.org/all-beans) Thank you so much again to the JS Team! y’all are amazing

Great steps🙌🙌🙌🙌

Cool! I love you brother!

Huge thank you to Sweet JS and team!!! Super patient and helped me fix the issues I kept running into. Yous are dope!

wow, thank you so much!!!

Your library is 'fin amazing, and the tutorials are just perfect. Can't believe you are offering all of this for free. Definitely gonna let my fellow developers know about this. Thank you so much and stay finsweet!

while I am here... and I have been here before and said thanks but I must say it again: Finsweet – what you have created with Attributes and client-first is AB-SO-LUTELY freaking mind blowing. Literally. Whenever I see something new or discover yet another awesome function I literally gasp sometimes.We are only a new and small agency at the moment and I am working my way into everything attributes at the moment, specially CMS sort and filtering and client-first of course, but all these things will allow us to grow, really grow as all of this stuff brings so much power to our hands. Elegant power, just like Webflow itself!I have been developing websites for many years, than took a break for some years ONLY to now come back to all of this! It's kind of ridiculous sometimes and when looking at a lot of the other webpages... I can't comprehend how many really bad and ugly websites there still out there. Lots of potential!Ok. So thank you once again Finsweet, Joe, Raymar, Alex, Simon and all the other unknown souls behind this crazy great stuff that you are building and putting out for us. Truly grateful for this from the bottom of my heart. Have a great weekend y'all

This is dope

Just a quick thanks - I've been using the load more hack for a membership site and associated blog for one of my companies - weeklysafety.com and I'm so thankful for these resources. I'm about to dive into setting up the filter and/or sort feature for a collection in the membership site now to make it easier for our customers to be able to find key information. Really appreciate what {fs is doing.

Hi! I'm so happy I found you, the solutions you came up with sort a lot of issues with Webflow, I'll spread the word around!

Thanks a lot for this fix! Worked great and much better than what people post on the webflow forums. Subscribing to your channel now.

Finsweet helped us take our web presence to the next level. Our website differentiates us from our competition while catering to our target market. They were able to adapt to our timeline, work with us to figure out the best structure for our site, and deliver a really high quality product that the whole team is happy with. Quick, professional, and effective. We look forward to working with them as we grow our website and our brand online.

i have to say thanks for all F'in sweet in doing. I'm managing a startup and your tools make possible what would otherwise be out of our reach financially! thanks for all you've done and continue to do.

wooow! amazing work!

I just joined the community and before the journey goes to the next level I also have to share my THANK You. Beside the value added to my work and my client projects it is just great to see that you also share this longterm approach and sustainble working style --- And a special thank you for the «clientfirst» approach which comes with this fantastic Documentation – this brings the real suppower into the agency world and I’m sure it will be one of the keyfactors to let our small agency grow. :clap: (edited)

Hi everyone, this is Xavier from Brussels, . First post to say Hi and thanking @Sweet JS team and whole community for the incredible job! What you are all doing is simply FANTASTIC! Un grand bravo!

Thanks so much for making this!

Awesome video! Will try now :)

Hey! Really like your work. followed.I would really appreciate it if you could check out some of my recent posts and let me know what you think of them!

Unbelievable!I'm a fan of your videos 😎👏🏻

All dudes at finsweet… this is ridiculous how easy and well documented the CMS filter is with Attributes The easiest integration I’ve come accross. Speechless.

Thank you Finsweet team! I built my first Webflow website last September. That was painstaking and took much much longer than expected. Then I got better at it and it got easier. Now that I have found Finsweet’s tutorials and libraries so much more possibilities opened up. First I was fearing if I needed to add custom code. Now I am really enjoying it, because with the tutorials and this slack channel, I can get it to work in record time!

Blown away by Finsweet Attributes for Webflow - thanks.

Great!!!! happy to be here!

Awesome Tutorial! Keep up the good quality :-)

Awesome show guys, excited to be part of this community and it's growth. Can't wait for the new products :raised_hands:

Woah...The Client-first Style System that @thatsfinsweet just released is about to become a best practice in @webflow development...Get on the train!

Nice. Thanks!

Wow!! amazing work!!

Awesome videos – they’ve really helped A LOT!

Finsweet has be phenomenal to work with from start to finish. They are always extremely quick to respond, innovative with ideas and take the time to truly understand our brand, target market and vision. Then they inject their own ideas and the end result has been beyond our expectations. I highly recommend them for any of your development needs. We don’t plan to ever work with another development company again so long as Finsweet is here.

Just had my first experience asking for help here...and ya'll crushed it. Thanks so much for your help!

Just found Webflow and Finsweet today. I’m on only my second site build which is now a rebuild because it was built on Squarespace and both the client and I are unhappy with its slothiness. I began researching and quickly realized that I needed to rebuild the site on a better platform. Started the Webflow crash course last night. While browsing templates, I saw the F’insweet work you guys do. Then I visited your site and lost precious hours of work time only to gain precious hours of F’insweet emotions while reading your Story and your blog about why you turned down the money. And now, before I get back to a fresh start with a fresh platform and a F’resh community, I want to say a hearty thank you for being you and inspiring me.THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge huge thank you guys

This is really unbelievably good. Thank you guys so much for what you do!

Diligent. Patient. Inspirational. Invaluable. You’re all that and more Joe + Finsweet.

This is wonderful. Exactly what I needed and searching dor lately to up mu Webflow skills.You are doing an incredible job with all this content

Excited to see how the new membership features play out :slightly_smiling_face: Just signed up for lifetime

First. Thanks for the guide!

Big thanks to Sweet JS and team, my problem got fixed really fast, much love. Big thanks to Finsweet the way he teaches is truly amazing, he is so happy while doing it, it feels good to learn through him

Woah, super cool!!

All I want to say is that years from now books will be written and movies will be made about the business model that Finsweet innovated. That is all

We lovin' it ❤️

Thank you Finsweet for Client-First Style System. I have been able to build four client projects anda Live-Build for The Webflow Party. This system has been the perfect companion to Webflow.

This is a game changer and a huge time saver, thank you

Amazing stuff as always, thanks so much!

This was amazing!!

you have no idea how much you helped me! thanks alot! keep up yr good work :)

I look forward to every Tuesday like its Christmas due to #FinGrowth. There is always great insights, discussions, knowledge sharing and now even more amazing tools for us. Really appreciate this Finsweet team 👍🥳🎄.

Hi!! I cannot express my gratitude and admiration for you with words! Attributes is an amazing product !!

Everything you touch is absolutely first class. Congratulations on another outstanding site - f'in sweet man!

W.O.W. Sweet Text literally just solved a present issue I was having!

I’m so grateful for all the love you’re giving the Webflow community! You helped me with a tweak needed for my site.

Keep it up! Really awesome. Thanks!Implementing this ASAP.

Thank you! Love this. BTW: Awesome intro music!

You guys are the best!! Amazing job here.

Joe & .finsweet - you guys rock so much! Thank-you for making this and your knowledge available to the community

Love this!

Hi FinSweet Team!Yesterday I built the CMS Slider and it took a while and due to some mistake along the way it didn’t work at first.Today:The new Attributes!! Wow like in less than 5 minutes everything working like a charm! Thank you so much!!! You guys rock

This is so dope! And it's also why I'm such a huge fan of Finsweet. You really help this Webflow beginner look like seasoned pro. Thanks a million 😎🤙


No joke l don't close the tab,l will never forget your amazing work!!

Thank you!I have been building with Webflow for years, and I would consider myself an expert. I have found that to truly offer many of my clients the solutions that they require for their sites, I need more functionality than WF offers out of the box. I have paid for solutions, written code myself or just accepted some of the shortcomings that there are in the software.Until now. I am able to cover 90% of my client needs with 10% of the work now that I have found Fin Sweet.Webflow set out to make top notch sites with no-code. For some, it is acceptable. For those of us who need more, but don't want to 100% work for 100% output, Fin Sweet makes this possible, reasonable and effortless.Fin Sweet is the reason I have not moved on.Thank you, Joe and the FinSweet Crew!You have taken WF where it was meant to be!

To be honest my work flow is very close to what @thatsfinsweet do for client first. They have made there system truly global to all devs and clients.

This is fantastic

TAKE MY MONEY!! @thatsfinsweet Who else is on this bullet train straight to Webflow Heaven?

@thatsfinsweet are (arguably) the best in the @webflow game right now. Opinions aside, you have to respect what they’re doing for the community 👏

Thanks for your dedication to the community. It feels great to be a part of it. The hacks and sweet js look really promising. I'm moving from wp to webflow completely and I'm still learning. I think I'll be using your products soon and will tell my designer friends about it.

Super useful to push webflow further, love your tuts dude.

This is f'in'sweet!


Sweet JS is AMAZING! Do you guys have like a PayPal or something where we can put some money for a few beers or something? What you do and how helpful you guys are is really something cool!

<3 thank you!!

So helpful. Thank you for making this.

That Finsweet! As always! Thank you very much!!

Thank you F’in Sweet team for the amazing, fuss-free CMS filter! Can’t thank you guys enough, i was stuck with mixitup filter for a while and was hesitant to make the switch since i spent some time configuring mixitup. However, i hit a wall and decided to bite the bullet and reconfigure the whole filter using F’in sweet library. Now i am kicking myself for not doing this earlier. Nonetheless, you’ve still saved me a lot of time and i’m really thankful - i’m a fan!

I want to thank @Joe Krug, @Raymmar, @Sweet JS and @Sweet JS2 (and anyone else I’ve missed!) for the huge amount of help when I was trying to get my website launched. The Creative Industries site (www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk) is now finally live and I have made good use of the CMS Library I think!! Here’s to many more projects using Finsweet’s awesome tools. Big love from the UK :flex-gradient::flex-gradient:

This is crazy! Very useful for so many things. Definitely gonna give it a whirl. Love you guys from Finsweet for all that you're doing :)

It was very helpful for me

It's just a wow!

Awesome, thanks for this! I always wanted to use animations that way but I didn't have the patience to learn AE.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the incredible tools you’re providing and the awesome and really easy to understand tutorials. Big shout out to @Joe Krug and RR (who’s not in this Slack channel but Joe please, say thanks to him as well!!).Super thankful for what you guys are doing!

As a former Webflow developer/designer who built our previous marketing site myself and vetted 15+ agencies for our project, I can say with total confidence that there is no one better than Finsweet. They are not only experts at what they do, but are completely obsessed with customer satisfaction—almost to a fault! I love how much Finsweet contributes to the open source community and it’s great knowing that we have a partner who is constantly innovating on our behalf. Their team moves very fast and when they say that there is nothing they can’t do with Webflow, they mean it. I frequently recommend Finsweet to anyone looking for a world-class website built in Webflow.

Awesome work!

Absolutely loving CMS Library a huge huge thank you!

Hey @Sweet JS Team, love the work you’re doing on here! Truly value-adding with all the tutorial videos, documentation and free support on here. Keep it up:muscle::skin-tone-4:

amazing loved it