It’s absolutely splendid ;)

Thanks for the hard work ! Look forward to test it !

Echoing everyone else in here. Grateful for the amazing service, documentation, and support you folks provide. Will try to pay it forward.

thank you so much!!

The fact that the filter submit button can be hidden on desktop and visible on mobile, and the attributes system will ignore it based on wether it's visible or not is so genius. You guys killed it with the details & the use-cases that it fits!!

Tfw you hit a roadblock in Webflow that is sure to derail your project…but then find the @thatsfinsweet workaround!Thanks for saving my ass once again 😅

Awesome! Thank you!

well done!

I just found myself looking through @thatsfinsweet webflow attributes for something to implement on my own website. I don't *need* anything, but hey it's just so fun lol

I definitely try to keep up with your videos on YouTube! You guys do some INCREDIBLE stuff. Blowin mah miiiind!

I found you from the exclusive single filter youtube video - just incredible, thank you so much! After some poking around, looks like a “Reset” button is in the works in 1.5? Will you be commenting on your video maybe about how to add a reset/all button to an exclusive single filter?


For anyone who needs to get a bit more out of Webflow, check out @thatsfinsweet. They have an amazing JS library and a bunch of cloneable examples that come with great explainer videos. Kudos Joe!

Love it. 🔥🔥 You just need a little more Webflow like humor 😂😂

WOW Can't wait to use this!

Wow…! Amazing…!Thank you so much for putting all this together… and sharing it here!

Thanks!!I tried out Sweet Text on a large Webflow site I did for JAS www.JAS.com, and it works great! Thanks! I think this will be quite useful for us.I was able to make some ul sublists using the custom code from your video. I did have to add a DOMContentLoaded event listener to make it work though. Also, it might be helpful to remind users to keep their class names in lowercase even though Webflow allows them with uppercase.I’m having a little trouble overriding the left, center, and right alignment for headings, so I’ll pop over to direct messages and ask if you have some advice on that.

Finally we can get rid of the crutch code (javascript is still a topic that there is no desire to learn) that tried to write in order to add / remove styles... You are wizards! 🙌

really great explanation of when and when not to use global spacing classes, thanks joe

This is awesome! Need to test it out ASAP. :D

Easiest buy-in decision ever. Couldn't be happier to support the F'insweet crew - as everyone has said here, thank you for all y'all do. Your resources and training have truly helped take my business to another level! Keep on innovating!

It's quite amazing ! Thank you so much to offer us a such tutorial <3 ! I reproduced sort and filters so easily !

I cant imagine how exited you are :D This is big stuff!

Just subscribed to F’in Pro lifetime and even if I won’t be active you deserve every Webflower to subscribe to it honestly. Thanks for all the amazing work you’re doing and for improving even further :pray: Super appreciate what you guys bring to the Community. I hardly do any build these days without any Finsweet solution for X,Y,Z :tada:

To be honest my work flow is very close to what @thatsfinsweet do for client first. They have made there system truly global to all devs and clients.

Unreal dude! Thank you so much I have got to use this! 👏🏼 Totally chk chk 👌🏻

Thanks F’insweet and Alex especially for the great help with figuring out why something was bugging. So far I have implemented filters, the load more function, CMS slider and nested collections. All of them are little wonders.

this blows CMS library filter and pagination out of the water!!! amazing guys, thanks for all the hard work! im sure you know its greatly appreciated!

I am taking the time to write this comment because I am always amazed at the quality of your projects. Besides the fact that they are complete, the way you explain and present the different possibilities with practical cases is just incredible. To propose a tool that has so much value, free, fun and with a community behind to help those who despite your efforts would not have understood, it is priceless. Webflow would be totally different without FIN SWEETA huge thank you for your work, you simplify ours and save us precious time.

I would like to express my deeply thank you for all the great work you’re doing and sharing with such an amazing generosity. Your videos and websites are so smart, clear and intuitive. Thank you, you're so awsome!

Used the filter all over my website and it works so good and is so easy to use!! Thank you

The quality and amount of work you guys have been doing for the community is just unreal! Thank you so much for all you do! It makes a HUGE difference

Just want to say a big thank you for diving into the GDPR issue. Truly amazing that you keep doing these kind of things for us who are still struggling to build these solutions by ourselves.

Just finished to follow and redo the #2 Client-First live build by @thatsfinsweet Definitely a game changer for #Webflow users! So useful and informative. Thanks @joekrug @RayTirado and @harshit_offcial

t’s an awesome website. Congrats.

Finsweet you guys are the best! Thanks you so much for doing all this amazing things for the WF community, subscribing and following every step of yours, much love.

Nice. Thanks!


Thanks Finsweet

Again mind blowing

Many thanks to the Finsweet Team but more specifically to Sweet JS for sorting out my filters. You guys are awesome!

lmao i'm late to the party but i just checked out the Finsweet chrome extension... holy s**t.Thanks guys, really, thanks.

Amazing as always! 💪🏻

That is so good! Transparency in pricing doesn't push potential customers away, and it attracts the right kind. With this, they aren't wasting anyone's time in communication that won't help either party.

This is dope

Attributes is brilliant. You are able to implement ANYTHING into Webflow with it, the more functionality you build the more Webflow will have.

Thank you guys for creating the library so as the many tips and tricks you share. I tried other options like jetboost (which is also amazing btw, but a little less capable as far as I see) but for me the f'nsweet library is the best way to go. And although I have very little experience with code, especially with javascript I started to enjoy doing the code part. I'm even thinking about learning javascript basics for getting more out of it. So thank you guys for the amazing work you do with this library, and the other products you have.

Thanks a lot for this magic with dynamic filters populatings from CMS Sweet JS Finsweet


Thank you!I have been building with Webflow for years, and I would consider myself an expert. I have found that to truly offer many of my clients the solutions that they require for their sites, I need more functionality than WF offers out of the box. I have paid for solutions, written code myself or just accepted some of the shortcomings that there are in the software.Until now. I am able to cover 90% of my client needs with 10% of the work now that I have found Fin Sweet.Webflow set out to make top notch sites with no-code. For some, it is acceptable. For those of us who need more, but don't want to 100% work for 100% output, Fin Sweet makes this possible, reasonable and effortless.Fin Sweet is the reason I have not moved on.Thank you, Joe and the FinSweet Crew!You have taken WF where it was meant to be!

Wow! Wow! so great! thank you! so amazing! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Landed my first @webflow build only project 🥳 Gotta give thanks once again to @thatsfinsweet client-first which I heavily used as a selling point.

Awesome videos – they’ve really helped A LOT!

Wow man! Thanks for making this clonable. I'm going to have some fun figuring this out. You rock.

Again, just Finsweet Sir, thats mindblowing! Thank you very miuch for this!

A huge thank you for the awesome work you do at Finsweet! I use client first, attributes and cookie consent in basically every project I do. F'in Pro membership was a no brainer and would have been even with double the price. If every one and every company were as generous as you, we would have a heaven on earth. :muscle:

Really awesome!!

Thank you so much for Hack #37 "persistent tabs". I didn't remember you had solved this so elegantly. Instead I spent like 45 minutes trying to google and search and figure it out myself. Finally, finally I stumbled back on https://www.finsweethacks.com/37. Anyway it was a major awesome final touch I needed for a dashboard I'm making for my members. We need to get that page to rank on SEO for all the tab searches!


Fantastic Joe, can't thank you enough for all that you share with us, you are the best! Bless you.

Started implementing the CMS Library and it’s f’in sweet you guys! Great and easy to understand tutorials make it a breeze to implement it into my website

Thank you

A masterpiece!

Amazing work folks, I’m blown away by how many free, useful tools you’re putting out to help the Webflow community. Thank you so much for being f’in awesome.

Wow, I just added a nested collection of a multi reference field and applied filtering to it… it worked in one go!This is such powerful stuff that it keeps amazing me each time I use it.Thank you all so much for giving this power to the community.

Cool! I love you brother!

LIFE SAVER! Thanks for creating this!!

I actually love you guys! Leaders of the Webflow community

This is power!

Thank you sincerely!

Congrats on the shift, you folks have been an amazing resource for an already outstanding tool—really looking forward to hearing some more deets :webflow_heart:

Finsweet, you are God's gift to mankind. Really. This is brilliant ! Thanks a billion. :)

Sugar sweet

You're a legend ! We just had a client asking for such features a few days ago. Big F*in thanks.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was so stumped. I had everything working great on a side nav, EXCEPT when clicking off the nav bar to close it. Doing that didn't reset the icon. Such a simple fix, but a BIG HELP!! 😎🤘 You Rock!

So useful! Thank you

99.99% of the time, "it's too good to be true," holds true. However, everything from @thatsfinsweet—its Attributes extension in particular—is amazing and FREE! There are no catches! If you use @webflow, use @thatsfinsweet

Guys, they did an amazing job ! Just implemented Attributes in a project of mine and OMG this is crazy.

You guys are AWESOME. Cheers from Costa Rica. ✌🏼✌🏼

Awsome man, just what needed is here!!

To the FinSweet team - You guys are awesome! I just started using webflow about a month and a half ago and I've already watched nearly all your videos. Your amount of content is amazing and brings great value to any who would just pick it up. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for new interesting content.Hope I can one day do as much as you for the community.

Hi FS, I want to say thank you for all the hard work you do to deliver such great tools as Attributes and Client First (and others I hadn't chance to try yet). I will definitely use some of them on a regular basis and will recommend (already do) to my clients and fellow developers. Great job!

You already own this space, this just makes other WF users need the Finsweet resources even more. Amazing once again

God, class adder is SO SICK. :heart: finsweet4L

Awesome, thanks for this! I always wanted to use animations that way but I didn't have the patience to learn AE.

Very Very Good Sir

This is a game changer and a huge time saver, thank you

I can't get over how amazing the Visual Script Writer tool is! Once I got the hang of general implementation, this tool makes it SO FAST to implement!! :raised_hands:https://visualscript.webflow.io/

Great stream today @thatsfinsweet. The more I see about Client-first (https://finsweet.com/client-first) the more excited I get to use it.

Finsweet has be phenomenal to work with from start to finish. They are always extremely quick to respond, innovative with ideas and take the time to truly understand our brand, target market and vision. Then they inject their own ideas and the end result has been beyond our expectations. I highly recommend them for any of your development needs. We don’t plan to ever work with another development company again so long as Finsweet is here.

I’m so grateful for all the love you’re giving the Webflow community! You helped me with a tweak needed for my site.

Huge thank to Sweet JS f'in sweet team! They helped me integrate a small snippet of JS which turned out to be a game changer!

@finsweetI am so sorry but this is just... I mean you...@raymmar You are correct, "This is F*ing unreal"... How the... This is just unreal and amazing all at the same time!I am done... WOW!Guys, I am just speechless!

This is amazing! Much appreciated!

This is beyond f-ing epic, forever grateful for the incredible amount of time I've saved.

Hey all! My recent client project, a product site build on Webflow uses CMS Filters went live on Product Hunt, Thanks so much for the support and debugging. A very big round of applause Finsweet Sweet JS

Total Game Changer 💯💯💯

Hey! Really like your work. followed.I would really appreciate it if you could check out some of my recent posts and let me know what you think of them!

Joe you and your team have continued to give to the entire community without asking for anything in return. It's appreciated more than you know!

Woohoo, I took the plunge !!! … and here I am, as a beginner in both Web Design and Webflow I’ve always felt comfortable in this community, the free one and now I am sure in this PAID one too. Never felt judgement, being embarrassed nor bullied. I also have learned so much from this community, which is why I want to take the time to say THANK YOU, to the leadership and also the always helpful community members for this experience. With the help and support of this FinPro community, I really look forward to up-skill myself with Webflow and the entrepreneurial side of things, and equally important: have fun along the way !!! :blush: