Goals of Client-First

1. Create a project organization system.

2. Work faster in Webflow, with less effort.

3. Define a class strategy for the project.

4. Standardize processes across pages.

5. Build scalable, manageable projects.

6. Unify a build strategy as a team.


Create better projects with Folders

Client-First introduces a folder system add-on for Webflow Designer. Organize a project's classes with Folders.

Finsweet uses Client-First

Finsweet has 7+ years of Webflow experience and is a Webflow Enterprise Partner.

Our beginner Webflow people use Client-First. Our experienced 7 year+ Webflow people use Client-First.

We use Client-First for small one-page projects, big enterprise builds, and web applications.

We built Client-First collaboratively as a team to improve our workflow, efficiency, and teamwork.

The community and Client-First

Here's what the Webflow community is saying

Cory Runnells, aka "Flowman!"

Client-first helped bring much needed structure to my Webflow builds. My struggles with wasting so much time on what to name classes, is a thing of the past. It also helped me realize what a mess my spacing use to be.

Micah Woods

I am getting ready to ship this project off to the client. This was a lot of fun to develop, and I love seeing more designers switch to @webflow. I know they’ll be able to manage the site easily after handoff, thanks to the @thatsfinsweet client-first method.

Tony Seets

The www.’s been around a long time, yeah? Systems existed before CF — Then came Webflow, and soon the mighty Finsweet.

{Fs, deep in the ditches of Webflow dev, thought long and hard about how to best styles IN WF.

CF was born. The community and its clients were saved.

The end.


Webflow is an incredible tool, however, it's very easy to become disorganized fast.  Enter Finsweet.  Joe and his team have developed the client-first system that streamlines development, scalability & design.  Don't walk... RUN to Finsweet and never look back.

Dan DeHart

I've heard of it, I've watched people build with it, but today is the first day I'm using it and it's like, "where have you been all my life?!”

Matthew Gaffney

Over 12 months since I found Webflow and after more clones than Star Wars, I've found Finsweet. Client First is the non-technical, logical flow I needed and I'm excited to start building with those principles and to contribute to the community. Thank you for all you've built so far

Pranjal Doorwar

@thatsfinsweet Client-first is a little bit hard to understand at first but it is one of the best styling system out there 🔥


Update — I think I'm going all in on Client First, build on first site so far was a breeze, didn't slow me down at all, quite the opposite. F*n yeah @thatsfinsweet!

Jesse Nieman

Woah...The Client-first Style System that @thatsfinsweet just released is about to become a best practice in @webflow development...Get on the train!

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