Beginners in Webflow

Before learning Client-First, it's essential to have a base understanding of the web, classes, HTML, CSS, and Webflow as a platform.

Learn the essentials before learning Client-First

A lot of Client-First will not be clear to someone with zero web background.

We do not have to be pros. We do have to have a beginner-level knowledge of the web.

This page outlines the most important content to review before learning Client-First. After you understand the basics, Client-First becomes more clear and more powerful.

Beginner web definitions

No-code tools

Tools that let us [create things] without code, which normally require code to create. No-code tools take some or all code out of the creation process.


No-code tool for creating websites visually. Webflow takes most manually written HTML, CSS, and Javascript out of the website creation process. Instead of writing HTML, CSS, and Javascript (the core building blocks of the web), we can use these building blocks visually within Webflow Designer.


Leader in the Webflow ecosystem for agency work, content creation, tools, products, and resources.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

The structure and content of the web page. If we were building a house, HTML is the house's materials. HTML creates the structure of the house.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

The styles and layout of the web page. If we were building a house, CSS is the layout, floor plan, colors, and design decisions.

JS (JavaScript)

The functionality of the web page. If we were building a house, JavaScript would be the refrigerator, air conditioning, and automatic car garage door.

Webflow University resources

Webflow 101⭷

Learn many web principles and understand how Webflow works. Includes Intro to "HTML and Classes" and "Classes".

Intro to HTML and CSS ⭷

Learn how HTML and CSS work together to display our websites.

Classes ⭷

Learn how classes give our website style.

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