Become a Translator

Help thousands of Webflow users better understand Client-First in their native language by becoming a Client-First translator.

The initiative

It is our goal at Finsweet to spread Client-First Style System to as many people in the Webflow community as possible. If a person is searching for a process to build in Webflow, we want to help that person.

We can produce high-quality information that's valuable to Webflow developers. We can make release educational resources like tutorials, live streams, and bootcamps.

This is effective if the audience knows English well.

Imagine someone who learns about Webflow and becomes motivated to grow a business around Webflow—But they’re constantly blocked from learning due to the language barrier.

There must be something done about the lack of resources in non-English.

That’s why we went on a mission to translate Client-First into as many languages as we can.

The solution

Translate the Client-First docs to teach more people

With more languages supported in Client-First, we can expand the system to more users.

We can help people learn Webflow and Client-First in their native language.

This is your opportunity to create the translated documentation for your native language. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading.

"Become a Client-First Translator" campaign

It all started with this Twitter post:

Twitter post from @joekrug asking who is interested in Client-first language translation

We had an excellent response to this tweet. Over 20 people across 12 languages have sent a DM about becoming a translator.

Our first batch of translated languages went really well. See the list of LIVE and COMING SOON languages in the "Languages" dropdown of the main nav.

Benefits of being an official translator

Powerful advertisement

Your personal name or agency name will be featured on top of each translated page you create. It will include a direct link to your portfolio or company website. Your translated pages will be published to the primary domain name. This is an excellent advertisement and backlink opportunity from a very high performing project. It is made very clear that you manage the [Language] translated content.

Impress leads and clients

If you are using Client-First for your projects, and you use Client-First in your pitch, this is an excellent opportunity to tell the lead that you manage the [Language] translated content. Imagine selling a website in Spain and telling that company that you are the manager of all Spanish translated content. This immediately presents you as a professional.

Grow a community

If you are interested in growing a community in your country, being a language translator is an ideal opportunity. People from your country will find the Client-First docs in your local language, find you as the translator, and be more inclined to join your community (or group of online friends!). You can be a community all-star by sharing your translated content to new and current Webflow users.

Become part of the Client-First Board of Directors

As a Client-First translator, you have voting power for all Client-First updates. All updates, changes, and improvements made to Client-First must go through a formal voting process by the Client-First Board of Directors. All translators collectively have (1) vote. As a translator, your vote will be counted and represented in all Client-First decisions.

We will market you

We are going to make sure you get the proper name recognition for your work. We want these docs to give you visibility in the community. We want to regularly shout out translators on live streams, events, and Client-First marketing. When your translation launches, we will feature your work in the Finsweet newsletter. Our goal is for your hard work to benefit you and your career significantly.

Private Client-First Slack channel

You will be invited to the Client-First translators Slack channel. Meet the other motivated translators and be the first to know what's happening with Client-First.

Help people

Let's take a step back and forget the business benefits.

This will help people. Your translated content can be the difference between someone using Webflow and not using Webflow. Imagine how many people start using Webflow and stop because they don't know how to organize and manage Designer. You can be the difference. Someone can change their career path because your content enabled them.

Project specs

Important points

  • This is not an invitation to join Finsweet. All translators operate separately from Finsweet.
  • You will not be paid in money for this job. Your benefit is advertisements, marketing, education, name recognition, and more as covered in the benefits section.
  • You do not need to be a super pro in Webflow or Client-First to be a translator. You need to have a base-level understanding of Webflow and Client-First + be super motivated.

Minimum expectations

You do not have to translate all of the docs. You can do this, and we would like you to do this, but this is not a requirement.

We will require you to translate

  • "Intro" page
  • Each page inside the "Concepts" category of the left sidebar
  • "Fluid responsive" page

There's a total of 12 required pages.

We believe the 12 required pages are the minimum information someone needs to be proficient level in Client-First.

However, the more pages you translate, the better experience your native readers will get. We will be happy if you decide to translate all pages of the docs.

Adding your own content:

You can add your own content to help people understand Client-First.

For example, you may want to release videos, cloneables, or supporting content in your language. This is allowed and recommended.

If your additional content is accurate Client-First information, and it will help your reader better understand Client-First, it will be accepted.

Managing and making updates

After your translated pages are launched, we will ask you to make content updates a few times each year.

If an update is large, and the documentation must reflect that update, we will ask you to make updates to your translated pages.

For example, if spacer- classes are added to the docs, we will make these updates in the English version. This update is best made across all languages, as it's a very important update to spacing in Client-First.

These types of changes happen a few times per year. You will have 30 days to implement any changes to the English docs.

If this is a problem, please mention it when you email Victoria.

Working with other people

Working in teams is accepted! We will accept a maximum of 2 people/agencies listed as authors of a page.

For example, you can team up with another agency or another person to co-manage the translated content.

If you are interested in working alone, please say that in your email.

If you are interested in working with someone else, please say that in your email.

Motivated translators

This section is super important. Please read and understand it in full.

We need to have motivated and passionate translators. This is crucial for the translation initiative.

Before you move forward with this, please be real with yourself. Be 100% sure that this is what you want to do.

Do not start and then stop

Do not do this:

Move forward as a translator, do 20% of the work, and then leave/disappear/give an excuse.

This is the worst thing you can do.

This wastes your time. This wastes our time and resources at Finsweet.

There is no reason to do this.

If you think there is a chance you will leave in the middle of the initiative, don't move forward.

We want people who are motivated and passionate about taking this from 0% to 100%.

If that's not possible for you, for any reason (client work, family, kids, anything), just don't move forward.

Be honest and true with yourself!

If you're in, we're in!

Interested in moving forward?

Please add this information to your email:

  • Name
  • Language you want to manage
  • Are you representing an individual or agency name?
  • Do you want to work alone or with someone else?
  • Share your past work. Please send 3 Webflow read-only links. At least 1 must be full Client-First build.
  • If you have any writing samples, please share them. English and/or your preferred language is accepted.
  • Why do you want to do this? What is your personal biggest benefit?