Big docs

Client-First has a lot of documentation. This page explains why the docs are long and important.

Why docs are important

We hear our community say, "Client-First docs are long." Let's address this comment clearly and understand why the docs are long.

We made the docs bigger and better with the v2 release of Client-First. Better organized with more explanations in smaller snippets. We are motivated to continue growing this documentation.

1. Clear directions.

Documentation creates a formalized process for others to understand and follow. The process becomes more clear as we have more instructions for the process, We see "big docs" as a major benefit of Client-First as a system. Big docs will allow all of us to work collaboratively under one unified Client-First process. The docs are long because a formalized Webflow build system has many details. Improving the small details in Webflow separates the amateurs from the pros.

2. Handbook for pros.

We can't be a pro at anything overnight. Being a pro in anything, including Client-First, comes with study and practice. Client-First is our official handbook to being a Finsweet Webflow developer. Our system was never intended for a quick 1 day of studying. To take advantage of Client-First, we must study the documentation and practice in Webflow. These docs are our attempt at lowering the learning curve to becoming a pro.

3. Invest your time into a valuable skill.

We wouldn't ask you to read something unless we think it's important. We believe that learning Client-First will result in faster Webflow builds and more efficient project maintenance. We believe Client-First will bring valuable short-term and long-term benefits to your career as a Webflow professional.

New to Webflow? Before learning Client-First, we recommend learning the basics of Webflow and web principles. Client-First does not teach HTML or CSS. It's important to have a beginner-level understanding of web topics before learning Client-First. Read our Beginners in Client-First.

Be patient

We will not be masters of Client-First on our first implementation. As we continue to use Client-First, study the documentation, and use the resources, we will become more effective with Client-First.

It's OK if you don't understand a docs page the first time you read it.
It's OK if you need to re-read a docs page multiple times.
It's OK if you take months to understand these topics fully.

Be patient, continue working hard, and your hard work will pay off.