Webflow resources

Our favorite Webflow resources to take your Webflow skills to the next level.

Webflow resources

Finsweet Extension for Webflow

A suite of F'in sweet tools to improve your Webflow development experience

Greenhouse + Webflow

Greenhouse integration with Webflow.

Build a custom Webflow app

Learn how to build a Webflow app from scratch in this 3 video series with Alex Iglesias

Reverse Proxies for Webflow sites

Learn the basics about Reverse proxies, how to implement them, and how to fully set up your Webflow projects with Alex Iglesias.

Barba.js - Transitions & Animations

Learn the basics about Barba.js, how to create transitions between your website's pages, and how to create cool animations.

Recreate Figma design in Webflow

Full 6 video site live build series with Sergey Stanchev.

Webflow 201 by Web Bae

Build production-grade Webflow sites that you can sell for real money

Figma to Webflow plugin resources

3 video series testing the new plugin, showing how to avoid classes being auto-renamed when using the plugin, and introducing the Client-First Figma to Webflow kit.

Attributes by Finsweet for Webflow

JavaScript functionality, without code.

Wized basics

Beginner Learning Path. Understand how web applications work, and use Wized to build your own web application.

Wized advanced

Advanced Learning Path. Understand how web applications work, and use Wized to build your own web application.

HubSpot Forms in Webflow

Learn the best way and most efficient approach for integrating HubSpot forms in Webflow

Sales and Client Management tips

Finsweet's sales process, tools, and how to manage client conflicts.

Webdesign with AI

How to use AI in your Webdesign process. Matthis Garnier builds a website in Figma with ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Finsweet+ community

Education-focused community of Webflow professionals.

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