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Auto Video

All videos on the page (Background Video components & <video> elements used in HTML Embeds) play and pause based on if the video is visible in the viewport.


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Auto Video
Step #1

Copy the Solution <script> and paste into the <head> of your page

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Copy Script

No attributes needed.

Just add the script to the page and it works!

With the script in the <head> of your page, Webflow Background Video components and <video> elements play and pause based on if they are visible in the viewport.

Autoplay video does not work on iOS devices when “Low Power Mode” is enabled. Low Power Mode prevents autoplay by default on iOS devices.

Autoplay video does not work with Youtube and Vimeo videos. Their iFrames have CORS protection, we can't interact with them using JS.

Working examples

See this solution working live in this Webflow project.

Video playing/pausing based on if it's visible in the viewport
Copy and paste this example directly on Webflow
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