1. Understand the product

Communicating the features and benefits of what you're selling is crucial in the sales process. This is especially true when selling Webflow.

Having a strong understanding of Webflow will help you to solve the lead's problems and reach their goals.

Demonstrating your ability to do both will establish credibility in your service and earn the lead's trust.

The more you understand Webflow, and all web services, the better you can sell it. You're never done learning about the web, even if you're a pro at Webflow.

2. Prepare your pitch and research the client

Preparing your pitch and researching the client before the call can boost your confidence during the conversation.

Here are some tips to prepare and practice your pitch:

  • Know the client's needs and goals. If you're unsure, try to anticipate them based on their current web properties.
  • Have visual examples ready to show how you can help them. Ideally, these examples are similar in industry/style/requirement as the lead.
  • Prepare unexpected questions to ask the lead, such as how they want to handle a specific page found deeper in their sitemap.

Knowing what to say and ask during the sales call will say will naturally bring you more confidence.

Don't go into important sales meetings without any research.

3. Focus on the lead

Shift your focus and energy to the lead. Rather than focusing on your own doubts or insecurities, try to focus all of your mind on the lead and their needs.

Being nervous on a sales call takes a lot of your energy. There's no reason to be nervous. You're helping the lead with their problem.

Redirect your nervousness to helping the lead with their doubts. It is not easy to do this, but being mindful of this focus change is the first step.

By focusing deeply on helping the lead, addressing their concerns and demonstrating the care you can bring to the project, confidence will come naturally.

4. Be honest about your capabilities

Always be honest about what you or your team can achieve. Never oversell your services and say "yes" just to win the project.

Being upfront about what you can and cannot do shows that you're transparent and honest.

Overselling or exaggerating your skills and experience can come across as dishonest, and if a lead thinks you're not being honest, they will not move forward with you.

Set realistic expectations for the project and make strong promises you can keep.

Being honest and true to yourself leads to confidence in sales calls.

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