Creating a strong community is challenging

Online communities are popping up everywhere.  Everyone wants to “own” or “manage” a popular community group. A strong community is a power move for any business.

While starting a community may seem easy, with simple and affordable community tools available on the internet, the truth is that many communities fail to gain traction.

Building and maintaining a community requires consistent investment of time, effort, and resources, and doing so over a long period of time can be particularly challenging, which is why many communities ultimately fail.

If it were easy, every company would have a strong community, but that's not the reality.

What is Finsweet+

Finsweet+ is a community of Webflow professionals focused on education and Finsweet products.

Members have access to a long list of benefits that are valuable to as Webflow developer.

Human Slack support

Finsweet+ members receive personalized human support for all Finsweet product implementations, ensuring that you have the assistance you need to succeed.

Members only Attributes solutions

Certain Finsweet Attributes solutions are exclusively available to Finsweet+ members, giving you access to cutting-edge tools and features for your Webflow projects.

Private educational sessions

Finsweet+ hosts three private educational sessions per week on Zoom, dedicated to helping you grow your Webflow career and expand your skillset.

Client-First Board of Directors

Finsweet+ members collectively count as one vote on the Client-First Board of Directors, which is responsible for updates and decisions regarding the Client-First initiative.

Access to all Finsweet courses

Finsweet+ members enjoy unrestricted access to recorded courses, including: gtag GA4 for Webflow Ecommerce and jQuery for Webflow.

Early access to new products and features

Finsweet+ members are the first to know about and use the latest Finsweet products, solutions, and content for Webflow.

Private Finsweet roadmap announcements

Finsweet+ members are the first to receive updates on what Finsweet is working on, with exclusive insights shared months before they are made public.

Vote on product roadmap, content, and Finsweet+ benefits

Finsweet+ members have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of Finsweet by voting on solutions, features, content, and Finsweet+ benefits.

Private Slack channels

Finsweet+ members gain access to exclusive Members-only channels in Slack, including a dedicated human support Slack channel, providing you with direct access to resources and expertise.

Invites to private events

Finsweet+ members are invited to attend exclusive in-person and digital events hosted by Finsweet, offering networking opportunities and valuable insights.

Members only monthly meeting 🔥

Finsweet+ hosts a monthly meeting exclusively for members, where news, updates, and announcements are shared before they are made public, giving you a head start.

Why we created Finsweet+

  • Provide exceptional value to Members
  • Cross market products within the Finsweet ecosystem
  • Generate revenue so we can do more
  • Help you take your career to the next level.

Provide exceptional value to Members

We understand that value is subjective, and different people may find different aspects of Finsweet+ valuable. That's why we've created a diverse range of benefits designed to cater to various needs and interests.

From live Finsweet+ sessions and monthly Members meetings to gated content and exclusive product features, our goal is to deliver value in multiple directions.

While we don't expect every offering to be valuable to everyone, we aim to make you feel good about your investment in Finsweet+ by providing benefits that you find truly valuable.

Our ultimate objective is to create a membership that you consider a "must buy" each year.

Finsweet ecosystem: Cross market products

As a company focused on product growth, Finsweet has developed an ecosystem of products that cater to different stages of your workflow, from implementing HTML and CSS with Client-First, to front-end JavaScript snippets with Attributes, to requesting and rendering data from other applications with Wized.

These products are designed to complement each other seamlessly and provide a comprehensive solution for web developers.

With Finsweet+, we have the opportunity to cross-market our products and help users discover the entire Finsweet ecosystem of tools. By creating a strong community around our products, we can facilitate collaboration among users across different products and encourage a supportive environment where users can learn from each other and drive overall ecosystem success.

The cross-market strategy not only applies to cross-marketing of our existing products. it allows us to introduce new products and initiatives to our dedicated Finsweet+ members first, creating a quick user base filled with our most passionate followers.

Generate revenue so we can do more

While generating revenue is one of the goals of Finsweet+, our primary focus is not on making money from membership costs.

Our goal is to provide value that exceeds the membership fee, and if we do make a profit, it's an added bonus. Our bigger revenue opportunity lies in our products.

Just like Amazon Prime, where the membership fees are not the main source of revenue for Amazon, Finsweet+ is designed to bring you deeper into the Finsweet ecosystem, encouraging you to use more products and consume more of our content.

By offering benefits, discounts, and exclusive educational content through Finsweet+, we want to build a community of loyal users who continue to rely on our products and services.

The revenue generated from increased usage and engagement with our products allows us to invest in innovation, create new things, and bring more value to our most passionate members (Finsweet+ members).

Help you take your career to the next level

Through our exclusive educational content, live sessions, and monthly members meetings, we provide opportunities for skill development, networking, and professional growth.

Finsweet+ is designed to be a supportive community where members can learn from each other, gain insights from industry experts, and stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in web development.

We believe that investing in your career growth is essential, and Finsweet+ is committed to providing the resources and opportunities to help you grow in your professional career.

How to join Finsweet+

A list of benefits, and the yearly cost, of Finsweet+ is outlined here on the official landing page, https://finsweet.com/community/plus.

Once you're a member, you can access your Finsweet+ Dashboard at https://finsweet.com/plus and manage your account.

To get started, create a Finsweet+ account at https://my.finsweet.com/.

At Finsweet+, we are constantly planning and exploring new ways to enhance our program and provide even more value to our members. Our benefits are continually updated and expanded, as we strive to pump as many benefits as possible into the program to reward our loyal supporters.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to go above and beyond for our members and show our appreciation for their support. Join us today and be a part of the Finsweet+ community to unlock exclusive benefits and be the first to access new offerings as they become available.

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