Successful launch

Dropbox Dash came to us with the dream of launching their new (and awesome) product landing pages in Webflow. It was not going to be easy, but it was possible and we were ready for the challenge.

Each team came together and successfully launched Dropbox Dash on Webflow. Pro-level execution was firing from all sides. It was impressive to watch.

Not only does the website look fantastic, but it also integrates with Dropbox’s enterprise web infrastructure. And we all know how big Dropbox is…

(Dash is a cool AI-powered universal search tool for work. Check it out.)

With great product comes the need for a great website. Not just something that looks good… something that’s easy to manage and update, loads fast, and performs well. That’s why Dropbox chose Webflow and Finsweet.

Challenges faced before the migration

  • Building a single page required approximately 3 weeks, due to the marketing team’s reliance on engineering support and approvals.
  • Implementing a site redesign would take months (if actually possible to do so) due to the platform’s limitations and reliance on components to build pages (vs a no-code platform).
  • Simple copy and visual updates took hours due to the complexity of the platform and limited team members with permissions.
  • The website’s speed score was 40-50 with a 10-second load time since the website was JavaScript-heavy and part of a larger system.
  • Testing the site with tools and producing results took several weeks to months, and provided very little learning for the client.

Migration process

The migration was completed within two weeks. We worked closely with the client to ensure transparency and clear communication every step of the way.

In addition to the Webflow development, our team implemented JavaScript solutions for:

  • UTM parameters to direct visitors to the onboarding platform with consistent tracking parameters.
  • Configuration of Dropbox Cookie Consent for the Dash website.
  • Configuration of content security policies.

Following the migration, the website was tested, and feedback was implemented. Our team remained available during the website launch to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.


After successfully migrating the website to Webflow, the client can now:

  • Build pages much faster without the need for the engineering team’s involvement.
  • Webflow enables the marketing team to update the website with new design components, making it much easier and faster to implement changes with fewer limitations.
  • Webflow’s Editor provides an easy way for designers and marketing teams to do quick copy and visual updates, and the client team is now able to do them without any dependencies and permissions.
  • The site speed score improved to 86 and the load time is now 2 seconds, thanks to more flexibility in optimizing the website.
  • Connection of testing tools is much easier, and with GrowthBook, the client can now conduct extensive tests on the website multiple times a week, which significantly increases the learning process.


Simply put, it was a huge success for everyone involved.

Dropbox launched a set of marketing pages that are scalable and efficiency-ready. Plus this project validated that Webflow can integrate with their web infrastructure. PS - Webflow can integrate any web infrastructure with the right talent to implement it.

Finsweet started working on another project with Dropbox! The day after the Dropbox Dash launch!

Instant love connection, I can feel it.

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