A transofrmation

The Wized team is going through a transformation as Jonas, the founder of Wized and a member of the Finsweet team, is resigning from his position at Finsweet.

As a result, Alex will take over the role of product leader for Wized.

To uphold Finsweet's public commitment to transparency, this article clarifies the details of the transition.

What Jonas accomplished over 3 years

Jonas started working on Platform Wizards, which was later renamed Wized, in April, 2020.

After three years, he has decided to move on to other ventures. Let's review the milestones he achieved during these three years of product development:

2020 (solo)

  • Came up with the concept for Platform Wizards.
  • Designed and built the first version of Platform Wizards using Airtable as the sole integration.
  • Produced the initial tutorials and promoted the product to the Webflow community.
  • Released the product in December 2020.

2021 (solo)

  • Conducted user feedback sessions to gather ideas for improvement.
  • Conducted a complete product iteration, rebuilding and redesigning Wized from scratch to support REST API and Stripe.
  • Rebranded Platform Wizards as Wized.

2021 (team)

  • Acquired by Finsweet.
  • Established a dedicated Wized team within Finsweet, recruiting members for development, education, customer support, design, and marketing.
  • Worked on building a final, fully scalable version of Wized that would serve as the foundation for all future improvements. Today, this is known as Wized V2.

2022 (team)

  • Added native integration for Zapier, Firebase, Supabase, and Xano.
  • Improved the effectiveness of customer support operations.
  • Provided education resources through the Intelligence Center, cloneables, and YouTube.
  • Launched Wized V2 for select users!
  • Released a peer-to-peer invite system.
  • Improved the rendering performance of the embed.
  • Introduced Wized Debugger.
  • Introduced Wized X-Ray mode.

2023 (team)

  • Integrated Wized with Finsweet Attributes.
  • Developed a new Wized Dashboard.
  • Created a new Code Editor.
  • Implemented new version control, managed within Configurator.
  • Established a self-sufficient Wized team.

Introducing Alex, Finsweet’s CTO

Meet Alex Iglesias, Finsweet's CTO and technical leader. If you have used Finsweet's Webflow products, then you’ve worked with Alex. He played a crucial role in creating Attributes, Finsweet Extension, Cookie Consent, and many other important initiatives at Finsweet.

We previously introduced Alex in this article when he first joined Finsweet. Since then, his leadership and technical expertise have helped transform Finsweet from a novice technical team into a powerhouse in the industry.

We're excited to announce that Alex will be taking charge of Wized as Jonas departs. As the new product developer and leader for Wized, Alex will apply his unique knowledge, gained from working on complex projects like Attributes and Finsweet Extension, to drive the application's growth.

Alex has already been working with the Wized team for two months, collaborating with them to implement new features, resolve issues, and make strategic decisions.

Alex’s contributions to Wized after 2 months, part-time.

It’s amazing to see how quickly Alex embraced the Wized codebase. Many of these updates are considered core product improvements.

Here’s what Alex has completed during his onboarding to Wized.

Embed 2.0

  • The “embed” is the script that is added to the Webflow project.
  • Modular: The initial bundle size has been reduced from 168kB gzipped to 24kb gzipped, and additional modules (parts of the app) are loaded only when required.
  • Asynchronous: “On load” interactions can now run much earlier, improving the speed and user experience for features such as access control or on-page load requests.
  • Improved visibility: Elements are now removed from the DOM when hidden, which is more performant than using display: none. This keeps the app fast by minimizing the number of present DOM elements at a time.
  • Forms: HTML forms can now be used to build accessible applications.
  • Computed variables: More reactive capabilities have been added. Computed variables are automatically recomputed whenever one of their dependencies changes its value.
  • Two-way binding: The data store (window.Wized.data) now has two-way bindings with inputs, cookies, and parameters, as well as full reactivity for all variables.
  • Configurator: Granular reactivity has been added when adding, updating, and removing actions and data in/out requests. Users will rarely have to reload the canvas.


  • Template elements are now kept in memory for reference and are removed from the DOM.
  • Each new clone now has independent, fine-grained reactivity, making updates much more performant. Updates are applied per item instead of the whole list.
  • Clones that must be hidden are removed from the DOM, improving performance and making CSS selectors like nth:child() work as expected.
  • When re-rendering the list, existing clones are reused instead of destroying and re-rendering the entire list.
  • Nested lists: Nested lists are managed independently. When applying an update to one nested item, it only affects that item.

Powerful updates from our new Wized product leader!

Confident in our new leader

The departure of a key developer like Jonas is never easy. He delivers and exceeds expectations. That’s the Finsweet way.

Finding someone qualified to build and manage such an intricate application is challenging, but Alex has already proven his knowledge and skills during his onboarding period.

Alex's unique knowledge and skills are an asset to Wized, and we are excited to see how he will lead the product to success.

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