Hiring at Finsweet is fast, lean, and growing.

I used to be terrible at hiring new people to join the team, but now I am a pro. Bringing new people into our family feels natural and easy. For the last year, we’ve been searching for the missing link. Searching for one specific hire.

Ideally they would...

  • Have a deep technical understanding of Webflow
  • Take on some or all of the technical sales efforts
  • Be a technical consultant for a variety of project types

Today we’re excited to announce that Finsweet has hired someone that far exceeds this ideal new hire checklist.

Please help us welcome Alex Iglesias Piñol to the Finsweet team.

Alex is a rare gem.

This is because he has technical knowledge along with a deep understanding of Webflow.

After 1 week of part-time work, he has already proven himself to be a key player in the growth of Finsweet. He helped close 2 enterprise projects, contributed key points to a secret unnamed internal project, has self-started and owned a code organization system for Finsweet, and even talked about future projects that align with our long-term goals.

All this and he hasn’t even started working yet. WTF.

Why is Alex so valuable to Finsweet?

Let’s explore the barrier to advanced Webflow client sites that require custom features.

  • Webflow devs usually don’t have enough javascript knowledge to understand how to properly ask for help in Webflow. They might know what the end solution should look like or how to set up part of the solution. They might not understand why the other part of the solution can’t be done natively in Webflow. A Webflow dev typically does not have enough js knowledge to explain how their seemingly complex problem can be solved using a few lines of javascript.
  • The javascript devs don’t have enough Webflow user knowledge to understand how to apply their technical skills to solve the problem. The Webflow dev explains the problem in the lens of a non-technical Webflow user and the dev goes down a rabbit hole of potential fixes. Since the js dev doesn’t understand the limitations and features of Webflow on a user level, they don’t know how to write a few lines of javascript to fix the problem.

This is where I come in.

  • My work in growing Finsweet has been to act as the binding agent to these two worlds.
  • It’s an important and rare skill.
  • It has allowed Finsweet to work fast and efficiently on projects inside of Webflow while increasing the complexity and scope of the projects we take on. We close sales quicker and hitting roadblocks in development is non-existent. Having technical knowledge in Webflow is efficient.
  • Communicating the technical knowledge requires a lot of my time and effort.
  • Now we have someone who is better than me at technical thinking inside Webflow.

This is where Alex comes in.

Alex will drive Finsweet into an even deeper technical understanding of Webflow.

We will build better custom solutions for clients and the Webflow community because we have a stronger technical team who understands Webflow limitations intimately. And understanding a problem properly is the first step in solving it.

Alex will lead technical sales calls with engineering teams and become the go-to for technical questions from our Webflow developers. This is incredibly valuable for my time availability and will remove a middleman in the communication chain.

We have very technical people on the Finsweet team. People way more technical than me, and some who are even more technical than Alex. The key with Alex is that he’s technical and has extensive experience in Webflow. This is the rare key that makes a Webflow unicorn.

For the longest time, I considered my Webflow technical knowledge to be a core driver of Finsweet growth. As of 3-4 months ago, I see my technical knowledge as a barrier to our future growth.

Client projects are getting bigger. Enterprise level companies are coming to us with challenging technical requirements and asking how their internal systems can integrate with Webflow. Big, confusing, custom, enterprise-level software.

Solving these problems is where we will make a name for ourselves in the next few years and how we plan to separate our operation from competition.

I can spend my new time growing Finsweet as a company and spending less time on solving technical problems for clients. Our team is wonderful at making clients happy. I am no longer needed to make our clients happy. It’s built into our culture. The only reason I’m still overseeing client projects is because I’m the most technical person on our team that understands Webflow on a user level. When a Webflow technical issue comes up, I’m asked how to solve it.

Now we have someone more qualified to manage this process. More qualified to grow us as a technical presence in the Webflow space. With solutions, tools, and products for the community, as well as for clients and enterprise offerings. I’m happy to say that Alex’s technical knowledge is so far beyond mine. This paired with his work ethic makes me positive that he will help make Finsweet stronger as we grow. He can focus on technical hurdles, while I focus more on building the business, which is what I do best.

We’ve just taken a huge step forward in the technical advancement of Webflow. Get ready for what we’re going to do next.

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