Pages overview

Landing page to the e-commerce catalogue. From here customers can search details by part number or typing a keyword.
Search result page with many filters to customize the filter result.
Details page for the user to review details and save an item for later review.


  • Struggled to manage the website.
  • Invested lot of time and resources to make small changes.
  • Website functionality was not what Lear wanted.


  • Lear can now manage their product E-catalog easily using Webflow CMS.
  • Changes and updates to the site can be done by a non-technical marketing team.

Advanced e-commerce with Webflow

Advanced filter system built with Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter.

  • Big e-catalog using Webflow CMS.
  • Complex filter system is integrated that consists of search, single select, multi-select, and input fields.
  • "Save Item" feature to save favorite/important items in a list.

Save an item

Finsweet made it possible in Webflow

  • Global search feature implemented using JavaScript
  • Requesting sample products is possible with JavaScript
  • Complex filter system is implemented with Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter.
I want to thank you and all the Finsweet people behind this project! I am really proud what we have achieved and the Lear team happily!
Corinna Czaplik
Product Strategy Manager, Lear

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