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The team is very proud of our new site. Not only does it look more in-line with our branding, but it makes a good impression on prospective investors and advisors and works beautifully across all devices. Ivan Sunguroff, Pacific Funds


  • Not mobile responsive.
  • Many duplicated pages, duplicated templates, and obsolete pages.
  • Did not reflect their updated brand and style guides.


  • Manage their Webflow project without their development team.
  • Marketing team controls the website.
  • Quickly ship new fund details. Fund information updates automatically through a proprietary API.
  • Manage many resources and documents with Webflow CMS.

We extended Webflow functionality to meet Pacific Funds needs.

Pacific Funds team partnered with Finsweet to meet their security and procurement requirements.

Webflow CMS design

  • CMS Blog (re-design and migration)
  • CMS Podcasts (re-design and migration)
  • CMS Resources (Fund Literature, Advisor Resources, Forms & Applications)
  • CMS Funds
  • CMS Fund Managers
  • CMS Chart Library

Very technical, very powerful.

Real time financial performance tables with PDF download and email options.
Custom user prompts to personalize the site’s content. As a user enters the site, they are presented with a modal to select their role. Content throughout the website will adjust to show the most relevant content based on the user's selection.
Search and filter through resources.
We were able to get a published, working version of the entire website live less than two weeks. And we didn’t have to compromise on our original designs.
Karen Yue
Pacific Funds

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