One of the most interactive story-driven websites we have ever created

XB Fulfillment is a tech-focused company with a modern mindset. The website needed to match this mentality.

Part 1 of homepage

Part 1 of the story shows how XB Fulfillment stands out against competitors.

Part 2 of homepage

Part 2 of the story shows XB Fulfillment's process visually. Each step is presented to the user with on-scroll interactions.


  • Old and outdated website.
  • Did not reflect the company.
  • Static content.


  • New, modern, brand.
  • Clear separation from competitors.
  • XB Fulfillment clients and leads love it.

Sub-page content

Our custom motion initiatives effort were focused on the homepage. Sub pages follow the same modern brand, with a simple content display.

Finsweet, you have created a beautiful functional work of art. It is already starting to create the kind of “buzz” I was hoping for. It’s so good, I’m already trying to think of other projects I can enlist your help on. Thank you so much for all of your help. You are brilliant and easy and fun to work with. When I tell people that we created all that they see in 7 weeks, they are almost unbelieving!
Adam Press
Founder and CEO

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