Homepage overview


  • Outdated design.
  • Hard to manage for the Lithia marketing team.
  • Difficult to update content.
  • No structured SEO.
  • Bad UX and high cost of development process.


  • New fresh branding.
  • Lithia’s marketing team gained the ability to manage and update content easily.
  • Great navigation made it easy for investors to find the latest financial reports, news, and other relevant information about Lithia.
  • SEO was a core focus and was improved significantly.

Simple outside, powerful inside.

  • SEC Filings docs UI built in Webflow.
  • Most resources are served using Webflow CMS, while the rest using API of a third party platform called B2itech, where Lithia’s data was hosted.
  • Transferred CMS data and documents from old site to Webflow.
  • Advanced SEO.

Finsweet made it possible in Webflow

  • API powered stock price on the homepage hero section, which automatically updates Lithia’s stock price.
  • Advanced SEO by implementing schema for each page and a custom project sitemap.
  • Lithia had stored all data on a third party platform called b2itech. Finsweet’s JavaScript team came up with a custom solution to pull data through the APIs of the third party platform and display on the live site, including press releases, contact forms, and more.
  • Finsweet’s JavaScript team then worked directly with B2i to automatically pull all of Lithia’s press releases directly from their platform, into the Webflow CMS, to further improve SEO. Now, when any new press releases are added to B2i, they automatically get populated in the Webflow CMS.

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