How did we make 'The most beautiful website'?

This is what people were asking Mathew, Co-Founder and President of DeepScribe.

DeepScribe's previous website had too much copy. People did not understand the product or the value. DeepScribe came to Finsweet to create a website that visualizes their message.

Visuals first, text content second.

What value was DeepScribe providing? More time for Doctors.

DeepScribe saves you time at work so you have more of it to spend with your family, pets, and to exercise more.

Illustrations in After Effects

Illustrations were converted to Lottie files and used on the site as "on-scroll" animation. Every visual step was combined with a progress-bar and description.

We communicated the message visually in every icon, even if the message was quite complex.


  • Rough idea and a lot of information about the company.
  • Visitors were not understanding what the product does.


  • Highly engaging and interactive website.
  • Components system that helps to build new sections and pages.
  • CMS-driven resources with Blog, News, and Case Studies.
  • Custom conditional lead form for sales funnel.

Engage visitors and make it clear what the company does

Custom "Request a demo" page. Based on the user's inputs, they are redirected to the relevant pages.

Custom sales flow to help DeepScribe be more efficient.

Illustrations and visuals everwhere. All illustrations created by Finsweet.

Greenhouse Integration implemented on the Careers page. Check it out here.

This is Level 5 of our Greenhouse to Webflow service.
"I've never seen a more beautiful website in my life,” was the first reaction I got when I showed someone our new website. Finsweet has been an amazing partner to us in defining our brand image and aesthetic. From the very first day, they were ready to hit the ground running and were able to understand the complexities of our technical product. They were able to apply a structured framework in turning ideas into reality, which ultimately manifested in our beautiful website. Beyond the website launch, Finsweet was generous enough to provide our support for ongoing changes we wanted to make to our website. They are, and forever will be, considered a part of our team!
Mathew Ko
Co-Founder and President, COO at DeepScribe

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