Pages overview


  • The marketing team had a strong dependency on development team.
  • Development was dictated by development limitations.
  • Pages were static.
  • Animation and motion was time consuming and difficult to iterate.


  • Webflow helped to reduce marketing production cost and speed-up the process.
  • Components library for marketing team.
  • With Webflow, the WeTransfer team could ship new designs get more creative with interactions and animations.

Important features for Paste

  • Multi-language implementation using Webflow CMS Collections.
  • CMS Blog.
  • CMS Paper Creations.
  • Interactive Features page.
  • Intercom chat integration.

Translated content

  • Manual translations using Webflow CMS.
  • Custom language picker.
  • Language/Location re-direction (i.e. if in Spain, visitors see the Spanish language version).

Awesome Webflow Interaction on Features page

We’re so happy with how Finsweet websites turn out - thank you so much!
Esther Kim
Product Designer

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