Redefine old site structure

A core goal of the project was to keep the website's structure simple. Prospective customers could reach any part of the site as fast as possible without any hidden content.

New site structure strategy powered by Webflow CMS.

We set up all redirects from old website to new website.

The amount of pages was reduced by 80%.
Combination of retro-styled muted backgrounds and bright accents.


  • Legacy web project completely managed by developers.
  • The marketing team had to wait weeks or months for updates.


  • Marketing managed and CMS powered in Webflow.
  • New refreshed branding with modern web effects.

Look and feel

The goal was to make every page and every section of every page memorable and fun, without boring repetitive blocks of information. This resulted in each core page being very distinct visually and conceptually.

Sweet intro animation combined with mouse movements and on-scroll parallax. Many sections of the website have interactive animation that reacts to page scroll or cursor movement.
Graphic elements were created as line art, which is reminiscent of the company's technical documentation. Line draw Lottie animations on hover.
"While scrolling" animations make the page incredibly interactive and engaging.
"While scrolling" Lottie animation helps to make complex interactions without harming performance on the page.

Making things simple

Dualite was onboarded to Webflow CMS without extensive training.

Unique Webflow CMS structure to create a scalable content infrastructure for the Dualite marketing team.

Sophisticated careers submission process that removed their third-party jobs platform.

Dualites careers platform is now 100% Webflow based.

The form submission process gathers all data, converts into a PDF document, and sends it to HR for automatic sorting.
People from Finsweet were extremely pleasant to work with, and the process was smooth all the way from start to finish. 10/10 would recommend.
Dimitri Foreman
Digital Media Manager

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