Our first influencer project

The process

We started with a basic wireframe with a couple of ideas that evolved almost unrecognisably towards the end of the project.

We wanted to do something different. We didn't want to settle for a generic SaaS template with a list of advantages of using this service.

Our goal was to excite users with an engaging story-based web page.
Fun color palette with complete design control.

The delivery

The delivery was a colorful, witty, fun to scroll through project full of complex interactions and clever techniques.

The finished product was a huge success among the Webflow and general design community. Finsweet received awards and a lot of recognition for the delivered project.



  • 25K+ views on Webflow
  • 5K+ clones on Webflow
  • 1k+ likes on Webflow

A storyboard was the basis for the design

The page consists of six completely different sections, each telling a different part of story.

Every detail is animated and interactive for the user.

This project was one of our largest interaction projects ever.

Use Weglot to advertise Weglot

The promo site itself uses Weglot's translation service and is available in five languages.

Use education and curiosity to market Webflow

The project was released as an open-source cloneable, which is completely free to clone and use. We were able to provide a valuable educational resource to the Webflow community.

Mobile friendly

All complex interactions work on all devices and all screen sizes.

Get the job done and be proud of your project