Following Finsweet's keyboard character logo strategy, we selected the square bracket character for the Wized brand. The simplicity is right in line with Wized brand mentality. The "[" character is also commonly used in Wized product UI.


Core Wized ions follow colors of the product UI features they represent. These 3D icons give a fun touch to the marketing website.

Pages overview

Do something really unique... but make sure the content is easy to consume... and don't scare off enterprise level companies.

We used big minimal text, 3D, motion, scroll effects, and hover interactions to bring this landing page to life.

We had as much fun with the homepage as we could, without scaring off the enterprise companies.

3D scenes and motion to show core features of Wized.


Having fun with our 3D icons without hurting navigation usibility.

Features page

Showcase page

Pricing page



Finsweet did an exceptional job with creating an updated visual identity for Wized after the acquisition. From the redesign and development of our website with all it's 3D animations, to the simplification and re-imagination of the Wized configurator itself. The end result speaks for itself and our customers love it.*

* Jonas works for us, so does this count?

Jonas Beisswenger
Creator, Wized

Get the job done and be proud of your project