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  • Old design, old branding, old web infrastructure.
  • Huge sitemap with most pages following the same template.
  • Confusing navigation. Users were unsure how to get information.
  • The main purpose of the site was to accept payments, and allow users to find agents, providers, etc. but it was difficult because of bad UX.


  • Mega menu that makes navigation easy.
  • 50+ pages with different layouts, all focused on ease of use.
  • Huge Resource Center built with Webflow CMS. Resources are managed by the marketing team.
  • LWCC's marketing team has full control of the design and content of their website.

Finsweet made it possible in Webflow

Mega menu gives visitors access to all services in one click.

We built a Python app that serves as a middleman between the Webflow site and LWCC's API, allowing users to search for agents and providers, as well as make payments through the Webflow site.

Interactive map with avaliable agents based on region.

Louisiana Loyal page special treatment. Check out this awesome scrolling experience.

Interactive checklist to show what it means to be a part of Louisiana Loyal.

Finsweet offers world class service and delivers expertly designed and developed web products consistently. They've been exceptional in every interaction and have afforded our company the industry-leading website its always needed. Our transformational work with their team has extended beyond our marketing website, as it's ushered in a new modernized approach to our brand standards and digital strategy.

Drake Boudreaux
Marketing & Communications Specialist at LWCC

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