Client-First Certified Webflow Developers

Get certified, connect with like-minded Webflow developers, provide value to the community and grow your Client-First skills even further.

Shikhar Sharda

Rajasthan, India

Finsweet goes above and beyond in helping us master client-first. Any questions we had were answered quickly with clear explanations. Now I develop all my projects using Client-first since building in Webflow is so much faster. I highly recommend it!

Certified in

December 21, 2021

Gerardo Morales

Querétaro, México

Client First is definitely an opportunity to significantly improve development on Webflow. In my case, it helped me a lot to better understand the structure and best organizational practices of a web project, including SEO and accessibility. Significantly reduces the anxiety of a disorganized project! I really believe that once you understand the methodology, building websites becomes much faster and smoother. The Client First documentation and templates are more than enough to understand Client-first in-depth. I am really satisfied with the Bootcamp! As always, Finsweet extracts the best of Webflow and makes it available to everyone. Thank you again 🙏!

Certified in

December 21, 2021

Tito Solano

San José, Costa Rica

Client-First has completely changed the way I work with Webflow. After more than 6 years of developing with Webflow, one of the things I felt most urgent to improve was the standardization of my workflow and the naming of the CSS classes. Client-First has improved my workflow and the organization of my projects. Now my projects are clean and simple to maintain and improve in the future. But also my development times have improved significantly. In terms of design, I feel it has a great influence in achieving better results, it helps us to have well-defined and constant proportions, the hierarchy of elements, and well-organized layouts. With the great advantage that many of these improvements go hand in hand with good practices in terms of accessibility. I definitely recommend using Client-First in Webflow projects and I am excited about the future of No-Code technologies and how the Webflow community itself shows interest in achieving products of the best quality and accessibility from many perspectives.

Certified in

December 21, 2021

Ajay Kumar

Lucknow, India

I had an amazing experience with the Client-first Bootcamp. I went from having messy webflow projects to organized projects. The project I made during the Bootcamp led me to various opportunities as the projects I showed to clients were clean and organized. I would recommend the client-first Bootcamp to people who want to upgrade their webflow organizational skills. Cheers to the lovely team at Finsweet for organizing the Bootcamp and building the Client-first system.

Certified in

December 21, 2021

Horace Boston

Dallas, Texas

The Bootcamp was a great experience that allowed me to put the Client-First system into practice. It helped me improve my understanding and application of the style system so that I can use it more effectively going forward. I recommend the Bootcamp to anyone interested in using Webflow!

Certified in

December 21, 2021

Florian Bodelot

Paris, France

The Client-first Bootcamp is my best investment of the month (maybe the year). I’ve learned a clean and scalable development method that keeps me organized in Webflow and improves my development productivity. It also makes my clients really happy with an understandable Webflow build. The Finsweet Bootcamp team is amazing, available in Slack, and they have deep expertise on webflow to help you upskill.

Certified in

December 21, 2021

To become a Client-First certified you need to...

Understand Client-First

This certification is not to teach the basics, is to get certified as a Client-First expert. If you’re just starting to learn Client-First, we recommend checking out the docs to learn the fundamentals before taking the certification.

Have at least 2 Client-First projects

To prove your expertise you will have to submit two preview links of your projects as part of the certification process. The structure will be manually reviewed by our team and we will share our feedback with you.

Be a fluent English speaker

In order to communicate without misunderstandings, you need to be a fluent English speaker.

The process we follow

Client-First Certification is currently being built, and it will consist of an exam and 2 project reviews. After completing the given tasks you will be officially certified. We expect to release it by the end of this year (2023).

1. Selection of participants

After you fill out our application form, we will review your application and let you know if you are in.

2. Exam

In this step, you will get access to a multiple choice exam where your knowledge about Client-First will be tested. If you pass the exam you will move forward to step 3!

3. Projects Review

In this step, we will ask you to share 2 projects where you use Client-First. We will manually review it and get back to you with our feedback.

4. Certification

If you followed along well and made use of Finsweet's advice, you will get the Client-First Certified Badge. Additionally you will be added to the list of Client-first Certified Webflow Developers. F'in sweet!

What people always ask us

Am I getting paid?

No you don't, but you have the chance to earn a Client-First certified badge and add a new project to your portfolio.

How much time do I have to invest?

This depends on how fast you answer the questions in the exam. You should definitely plan with at least 1 hour.

Will I learn about Webflow?

This is about Client-First certification not learning Webflow. If you don’t know how to use Webflow we recommend you check out Webflow University and our YouTube tutorials!

Where can I ask questions throughout the Certification?

You can send an email to [email protected] and [email protected]