Goals of Client-First

1. Create a project organization system.

2. Work faster in Webflow, with less effort.

3. Define a class strategy for the project.

4. Standardize processes across pages.

5. Build scalable, manageable projects.

6. Unify a build strategy as a team.


Create better projects with Folders

Client-First introduces a folder system add-on for Webflow Designer. Organize a project's classes with Folders.

Finsweet uses Client-First

Finsweet has 7+ years of Webflow experience and is a Webflow Enterprise Partner.

Our beginner Webflow people use Client-First. Our experienced 7 year+ Webflow people use Client-First.

We use Client-First for small one-page projects, big enterprise builds, and web applications.

We built Client-First collaboratively as a team to improve our workflow, efficiency, and teamwork.

The community and Client-First

Here's what the Webflow community is saying

Jeremy Leroux

I have used webflow for a long time and nothing has sped up my development process as much as client-first. Simple straightforward and very adaptable. Also instrumental in landing my first agency freelance gig. Thanks @thatsfinsweet

Ivan JB

Thank you Finsweet for Client-First Style System. I have been able to build four client projects and a Live-Build for The Webflow Party. This system has been the perfect companion to Webflow.

Roy Quilor

Love the @thatsfinsweet client first style guide and created a button-huge in Webflow. Naming conventions can sometimes be a pain, that's why I love Tailwind CSS.

Divyansh agarwal

If you're a @webflow developer, you need to start using @thatsfinsweet client first system for all your projects.It will help you in:-


✓ Structure of your sections

✓ Scanning through your project

✓ Scalability

✓ Time-saveing

Hal Zeitlin

My agency depends upon Client-First to deliver consistent & quality work. CF is also vital part of my strategy to scale our development offering. We've done about 10 builds now with Client First and many more on the way.

Michael Collins

Great stream today @thatsfinsweet. The more I see about Client-first (https://finsweet.com/client-first) the more excited I get to use it.

Lucas Machado

Ever since I started Webflow, I knew I needed to find the best build methodology out there to optimize my workflow. So I found CF. Besides the many hours saved for me, my team and clients - how good it feels to deliver such high quality digital products - can be just amazing. #CF

Stevin Masuda

have to say, using @thatsfinsweet 's client-first system has been outstanding. The new px to rem migrator tool has been fantastic too.

Alaba-Odu | Webflow Developer

Client-First ensures what is close to perfect sizing and measurement of elements in the web pages and also saves a lot bunch of time in mobile optimization

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