Goals of Client-First

1. Create a project organization system.

2. Work faster in Webflow, with less effort.

3. Define a class strategy for the project.

4. Standardize processes across pages.

5. Build scalable, manageable projects.

6. Unify a build strategy as a team.


Create better projects with Folders

Client-First introduces a folder system add-on for Webflow Designer. Organize a project's classes with Folders.

Finsweet uses Client-First

Finsweet has 7+ years of Webflow experience and is a Webflow Enterprise Partner.

Our beginner Webflow people use Client-First. Our experienced 7 year+ Webflow people use Client-First.

We use Client-First for small one-page projects, big enterprise builds, and web applications.

We built Client-First collaboratively as a team to improve our workflow, efficiency, and teamwork.

The community and Client-First

Here's what the Webflow community is saying

Joseph Berry®

To be honest my work flow is very close to what @thatsfinsweet do for client first. They have made there system truly global to all devs and clients.

Jordan Kromwell

When I started webflow, one of the things I struggled the most with was naming conventions. What a blessing client-first is. @thatsfinsweet

 Pierre VDK

We've been working with Client First since it's Beta and we couldn't work with something else. It gives a common language for clients and freelancers alike, we love it!

Pranjal Doorwar

@thatsfinsweet Client-first is a little bit hard to understand at first but it is one of the best styling system out there 🔥

Ailín Tobin

Are you a front end developer struggling with CSS and HTML and their advanced properties?Try the @thatsfinsweet Client-First and @webflow combo.

Michael Collins

Great stream today @thatsfinsweet. The more I see about Client-first (https://finsweet.com/client-first) the more excited I get to use it.

Lucas Machado

Ever since I started Webflow, I knew I needed to find the best build methodology out there to optimize my workflow. So I found CF. Besides the many hours saved for me, my team and clients - how good it feels to deliver such high quality digital products - can be just amazing. #CF

Ezekiel Rochat

Client-First has been key in the scaling our agency. We were able to hand the docs off to potential hires and quickly found candidates who were on board with using Client-First. Now, all of our build across our developers are the same and can be easily updated across the board.

Jacob Sussman

Client-First is so, literally, client-first I was able to start using it without looking at any documentation. It allows non-developers to dive into class-editing in the most intuitive manner possible, speeding up builds, revisions, and bringing more and more talent to Webflow

Build your next project with Client-First